East African-inspired Luxury Streetwear Is Brought To “Fusion” By Mn Designers.

Many regional designers will appear at the auto fashion show “Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs Presents Fusion” that fuses the traditional and the modern.
Minneapolis “Fashion has always been my passion.”

Ramadhan “Rammy” Mohamed, founder of Ramadhan Designs and one of two designers to host a fusion event at Fashion Week MN on Thursday, watched his uncle sew clothes for women in the East. See, it claims to have been the primary motivation for pursuing love at a young age. Africa.

Mohamed, an Oromo immigrant now living in St. Paul, is ready to debut his latest haute couture line with an East African flair. She warns that new declines are likely to be “unexpected”.

Very seductive, yet timeless. Mohammed said you’ll most likely see a lot of crop tops and fabric manipulations.
Mike Byers, creator of luxury streetwear brand Energy Gear, collaborates with Mohammed on this occasion. Byers said he believed the term he called his business would appear in his work.

“I think the word ‘energy’ has a lot of meaning. It means happiness and health. It describes who you are and who you are related to. Think about it, how you act, and what you have in mind.
I think it says a lot,” Byers added.

Thursday’s presentation will include a fusion of the two design houses’ individual aesthetics, showcasing Byers’ contemporary, futuristic streetwear and Mohamed’s exquisite, intricate, ecological couture.

The event will be held at the Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis in luxury cars alongside classic and modern ideas.

Old-school antique cars still have a lot of value, but there are also brand-new, ultra-modern, ultra-futuristic, and fast cars that are worth it, Byers said.
I believe the street representation in current cars and the couture representation in vintage old school cars is another element we want to use and emphasize.

Having created a 100% lean collection this year, Mohamed is pleased to share her concept of sustainability through a beautiful mashup of fine fabrics in unusual shades and textures. She claims not to waste a single piece of cloth. She hopes her own designs will resonate with her neighbors. Growing up, she’s been inspired by everything from “a kid at the State Fair” to “someone around the world in East Africa.”

I went to fashion school because I wanted to give Minnesota people choice and apparel, she added. We want to contribute in some way to revitalizing art production in our city for the benefit of our citizens.

While the apparel is what’s on display at Fusion, Byers continued, designers wouldn’t have been able to bring the collection to life without the support of the community.

This is what true collaboration between communities, our demographics, and our diversity looks like. We just want to show you what community collaboration is like, because that’s the vibe we want to convey.
Fusion by Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs kicks off Thursday at 6pm with drinks, a pop-up store and a DJ. At 7pm, the fashion show by Energy Gear, Ramadan Design, Rashidat Akangbe Enifeni, Venci and Generation Bliss will begin.

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