Windhoek City considers return of jazz festival

Negotiations to restart the jazz festival are still underway, according to a spokesperson for the city of Windhoek. Harold Akwenier,confirmed.
For years, the annual Jazz Festival has been a highlight of Windhoek’s social life, attracting many jazz lovers to witness performances by international and local jazz artists..

The last festival was held in 2019, but was put on ice as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which only eased this year. The city of Windhoek, the main driving force behind the festival, plans to host it again this year.

“We are discussing with stakeholders whether we will hold it in November or February,” Akwenye told unWrap.online for comment.

Big Ben, one of Namibia’s leading jazz artists, has noted the high demand for entertainment by Namibians after the pandemic.
However, his concern is that local jazz musicians are often overlooked, and he hopes that this time they will be included and considered.

“Windhoek Jazz Festival completes the entertainment space. It has worked hard to earn its own little space and is a welcome addition to the type of entertainment offered in this country. is acceptable as long as it is adequate and addresses demand and a variety of other considerations such as the ability to sell tickets, etc. It is not enough to be a jazz musician, to sell tickets and list It should be published in ,” he said.

According to Big Ben, jazz festivals are a real draw and he has met people from different countries who have come to Namibia as tourists.

His advice is that jazz festivals need to assess their ability to sell tickets. This ultimately contributes to the success of the event.
“Being a musician isn’t enough. It also has to be educational, but it has entertainment value. All those little things make them pay attention to it and what to take a chance on. If you want to sell tickets, you need to pay attention to the people selling tickets, even if they weren’t doing pure jazz and were doing something around jazz. I’m hiring that person, selling tickets, so let’s get it going, let the music play.”

Another local jazz legend, Erna Chim, said jazz festivals provide an excellent platform for local artists to expose their trade to fans.

“This is one of the biggest festivals to be held in the country. The absence of the festival over the past three years has led many jazz musicians to give up the industry or disappear. Windhoek city to revive jazz festival Letting go is a great move, especially for local jazz artists who are less exposed to a wider audience,” she said.

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