Namibia’s Hammerslaght eyes Mrs Universe crown

Ansua hammer throat

Namibian beauty pageant contestant Ansua hammer throat recently announced that it will participate in Mrs. Universe Tournament to be held in South Korea in December.

Mrs Universe is an annual international event celebrating women, first held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007. The event is open to married, divorced and widowed women from around the world aged 18 to her 55. You have a family, a career, and are involved in “important causes.” The pageant is set for her December 1-3.

Hammerthroat, 35, is the second of four siblings. She says that growing up in a poor environment has taught her to work hard. She says she strives to help those in need because she knows what it feels like to have nothing.

She devotes her life to philanthropy, community work, inspirational speeches, and advice to young women, mothers, and girls.

She is a mother of two children and has no educational background, but she says that has never stopped her from doing what she wants and loves.

Hammersraft said they were due to compete in 2016 but were unable to participate due to ill health and are excited about the opportunity to enter the competition.
“I entered the competition because we all have dreams and things we want to achieve in life. The little hope that the youth can get from me is a big achievement for me.I may not change the world, but I can make a positive impact on someone’s life and my life. , is a step in the right direction,” she says.

This year’s pageant theme focuses on gender-based violence (GBV) and Hammerslaught wants to show the world how this affects Namibia.

“The fact that it focuses on GBV allows it to create the perception that this is happening in our country every day. All contestants have a common purpose in their respective countries. I look forward to transforming, learning, developing and building international relations because of this,” she said.

Hammerslaght said he entered the contest because he wants to enhance and preserve the name of his country and promote its culture.

She is passionate about participating in beauty pageants because she wants other women to know that having children is not the end of the world.

“I’m passionate about beauty pageants because I use this platform to inspire others. If I can make a small difference through inspiration, I will,” she says.

She admits that preparing for a pageant has always been a challenge for her and mentally and emotionally preparing for it is the most difficult.
“God is always my mentor and I always go to him first to have what I need or want. Everything is unpredictable so it is always important for contestants to be prepared for the outcome.” she says.

Hammerslaught says that if she could bring back the crown, she would want to become an advocate for the voiceless, speak and fight for the women of Namibia. She says it’s time for women to come together and restore their dignity, respect and pride.

“Have you forgotten the human nature of turning our backs on each other? In today’s world, it’s hard to be there. I’m speaking from experience. I think it’s time to realize how we look at each other.We need to support each other and help each other.We need to help each other mend their crowns,” she said. rice field.

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