African Fashion: Meet The Skilled Lebanese-Ivorian Designer Blending Lebanese And African Cultures

A young designer from Lebanon named Renwa Yassin grew up in Ivory Coast. Her designs traverse dual cultures, incorporating motifs from her two countries that make up her personality.

Born in Africa and of Lebanese ancestry, the designer infuses each piece with a unique flair to forge a strong and lasting link between her two cultures and the world of fashion. .

Using motifs drawn from both African and Mediterranean environments, Yassin explores fashion as a means of connecting Lebanon and Ivory Coast.
In 2019, she decided to expand her multicultural creative expression and launched her own fashion label, RNWA YASSN, designing wardrobes with cutting-edge cuts and subtle cross-cultural influences.

According to her, the brand is “key to increasing creative conversations that lead to more sustainable ways of working in the fashion business.” We support this sector by selling eco-designs made by.
Additionally, RNWA YASSN uses raffia made from palm trees, organic cotton, linen, tencel, recycled polyester and natural dyes made from fruits, plants and vegetables.

Renwa Yassin was a finalist in the Ready-to-Wear category of the 2022 Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) Prize held in July 2022.

She is preparing to present her work before an FTA jury in October 2022 alongside 23 other up-and-coming designers from the region.

Today, prominent fashion and lifestyle publications such as Vogue Arabia, Grazia Middle East and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia regularly feature Renwa’s gorgeous designs and recognize Renwa as a brilliant emerging artist.

The secrets to improving creative debates and creating greener ways of operating in the fashion industry.

“RNWA YASSN, born and raised in Africa and of Lebanese ancestry, is no stranger to the link between the two cultures. Inspired by the saying.

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