Nambian Musician Exit to celebrate his musical journey in Oshakati


After 20 years of establishing a name in the national music scene, David Shikalepo is known as a household name. Exitwill be celebrating his musical life journey in his hometown of Oshakati starting next week..

In an interview with The Namibian over the weekend, Exit said he has decided to partner with his team, Rockaz Money, to host an event titled #Oshikombo30 in Oshakati.

This seven-day event aims to celebrate his musical journey while bringing entertainment and stimulating economic activity.

The event is scheduled to take place from September 26th to October 2nd, 2022 at the Oshakati Independence Stadium.

“The #Oshikombo30 event promotes sports and music in our community while allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to not only showcase their products and services but also generate revenue,” said Exit.

He also added that he has partnered with famous musicians to support him in their musical performances. He says this is the first event to be held in Oshakati.

“As someone passionate about education and the well-being of future generations, we have provided free food stalls for the event for education-related activities.”

“We all know sport brings people together and builds a sense of belonging, so the week will be filled with a variety of sports codes with prizes and medals,” said Exit. I got

He added that they also accommodate children under the children’s corner.

He said events planned include football, volleyball and netball tournaments, table games and musical performances.

Exit, which has produced more than 15 albums, said it will also launch its latest project, an album titled “Oshikombo”, at the event.

“Oshicombo” (best ever) will be launched at the same stadium on September 30th.
“The target market is in the 30s, the country is in the 30s, the fund is in the 30s, and we are selling tickets for N$30, so we chose that date,” he said.

Without giving away too much, Exit teased that fans should have high hopes for this upcoming project.

Source: Namibia

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