African Fashion: The Gateway to Style, Innovation, and Trends | October 14th & 15th | Join the 10th Anniversary edition of African Fashion and Design Week 2022.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of African Fashion and Design Week (AFDW), organized by Blue Pearl Services International, will take place on 14th and 15th October 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria at the Oriental Hotel on Victoria Island. Previous editions were held in New York, Los Angeles, Nairobi, and Lagos. The 10th Anniversary Edition promises to exceed its previous successes.

Through African Fashion and Design Week, Bluepearl Services International has been showcasing Africa in the best possible light for the past decade. This has been done, among other things, by building networks in the African fashion industry and establishing venues to celebrate each other.

To preview the looks that define fashion trends on the African continent, African Fashion and Design Week annually attracts foreign buyers, tourists, fashion entrepreneurs, supermodels, industry experts, local and international journalists, and more. attract.

Under the theme of ‘Imagine, Inspire and Ignite’, AFDW’s 10th Anniversary Edition shines a light on international fashion and design and the wonders of Africa through the visions of fashion designers.that is

• Runway showcase of collections from leading and emerging designers from Africa, Europe and America
• Annual African Icon of Hope Awards
• Fashion seminar business
• Trade fairs.

African Fashion and Design Week (AFDW) was founded by Queengold D. Sekibo to establish networking opportunities and celebrate each other in the African fashion industry.
Giving up-and-coming designers the tools they need to build strong brands

Events on the AFDW calendar include:
At the Business of Fashion Seminar, young talent will have the opportunity to learn the basics of creating a fashion brand, how to live sustainably and what opportunities are available in the fashion sector.
Locations for these lectures include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and Togo.
Award for African Icon of Hope: Recognizing the extraordinary efforts of designers who have helped make Africa a fashion hotspot.

Runway Showcase:
It showcases designs by well-known, established and up-and-coming African designers.

Provide important networking opportunities for buyers and consumers.
Each year, African Fashion and Design Week attracts a large number of guests, fashion entrepreneurs, buyers, industry professionals, local and international media to preview the looks that define fashion trends on the African continent.

photo credit
Model: Grace Modi (Sudan/USA)
Designer: Rhonda Musani (USA)
Makeup Artist: CE Eaton (USA)
Photographer: Daron Wisett (USA)
Photo Assistant: Nyasia Wilson & Cindy (USA)
Jewelry: London Smith (USA) Jewelry wrapped in love

Content courtesy of African Fashion & Design Week (AFDW) & NFH

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