Awards: Launch Of The 7th Edition Annual Kenya Fashion Awards – Announcement Of Nominees

The launch of the annual Kenya Fashion Awards (KFA) 2022 has brought fashion enthusiasts and creatives to Nairobi in droves.
Attended by a slew of popular media personalities and influencers, the event announced 2022 nominees from 17 categories, including MCSK CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua, TikTok influencer Azziad Nasenya, and Carol Odero – CIAO. Africa Editor-in-Chief Jamil Warji – Renowned fashion designer Atman Ngaw – Director of Kenya Fashion Awards, Miss Earth Somalia Safiah Mohammed and many others.

Designer of the Year, Stylist of the Year, Fashion Photographer of the Year, Makeup Artist of the Year, Male Model of the Year, Female Model of the Year, Brand of the Year, Jewel Designer, Wezesha Category, Media Magazine of the Year The Year was in a category competing with the one in which it was nominated.
Winners will be announced and honored at the final Red Carpet Gala event on November 5th at THE HUB, KAREN.

Designer of the Year 2022
1. National defense
2. Native Woman (@the_native_woman)
3. Ikojin
4. Nato
5. Nims

Stylist of the Year 2022
1. Zafar
2. Sally (
3. Melissa Gold
4. Diana Mweresa (@uncommon_rebel)
5. Sharon Otieno (@sharonotienostyles)

Fashion Photographer of the Year 2022
1. The Flanmange
2. Keef
3. Kuyou
4. Deco Abdi (@deco_abdi)
5. Aggrey Ojiambo (@aggreyojiambo)

Makeup Artist of the Year 2022
1. Lucy Mushoka
2. Kita Shah
3. Stephanie Cherono (@stephaniecherono)
4. Facefab (@facefab_)
5. Dennis Karuri (@_denniskaruri)

Curvy Models (Plus Size) 2022
1. Evelyn N’Jeri
2. Edith Wekesa
3. Shamsa Sheela
4. Kay Iradukunda (@misskay.iradukunda)
5. Yvonne Obati (@yvonneobati)

2022 male model
1. Lucas Ogutsu
2. Kenson Njagi (@kenson_kensito)
3. Eddie Jewel
4. Kirimi Turanira (@kirimithuranira)
5. Nelson Maganga

female model of 2022
This award is given to a working Kenyan model who has contributed to fashion.
industry over the past year.

1. Jean Ojiro (@jean_ojiro)
2. Olive Sang
3. Marian Wylim
4. Judy Kinucia
5. Fauzia Hussain

Brand of the Year 2022
1. African Fabrics and Designs Kenya (@africanfabricanddesignske)
2. Neomi’s Style (@stylebyneomi)
3. Mambo Pambo
4. Nato Fashion House
5. Ichul

Jewel Designer 2022
1. Epica Jewelery (@epicajewellery)
2. Zanta Adeyde (@zanta_adeyde_)
3. Ginene by Diro (@ginene_by_diro)
4. Jamini – Kenya
5. Ambika Shah

2022 Wezesha Category of the Year
1. Warehouse
2. Weaver Bird
3. Made in the Village
4. Spinner & Web
5. Reject

Media Magazine 2022
1. Eve Magazine
2. Star Weekend
3. Asian Weekly
4. Sunday Magazine (Nation)
5. Nairobi
6. People Daily

Vote here: Kenya Fashion Awards 2022

Voting closes on October 3, 2022.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of MUSIC COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF KENYA (MCSK), one of the event’s sponsoring partners, spoke at the start of the year. He urged creators to work hard and smart to hone their craft and establish themselves in the industry.

A contemporary kamba and Swahili singing crooner, Mutinda graced the occasion, serenading the audience with his masterful guitar master.

“Women in my country are constantly discouraged from attending fashion weeks and their voices are silenced.”

My greatest wish is that through my travels, most Somali women will be encouraged to join the fashion industry, which offers countless opportunities for all. Earth Somalia Aisha Mohamed

You can also watch live streams of the launch and catwalk events on our Facebook page, Kenya Fashion Awards, YouTube channel and Kenya Fashion Awards.

courtesy of the content Kenya Fashion Awards & NFH

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