Disney’s Coming New Original ‘Iwaju’ Journeys Into an Afrofuturistic Lagos 

Ugandan animator Hamid Ibrahim probably bites the butt of his pen when he says his team’s work will “kick Disney’s ass,” citing the ingenuity of the African heart and the continent’s. He smiled at his rare talent.

More than two years have passed since that strong declaration, but the battle is invisible, but rather a collaboration, the first of its kind, leading to greatness.

In partnership with African animation company Kugali, Disney plans to launch an animation next year about futuristic Lagos, Africa’s commercial hub and the continent’s most populous metropolis. Become.

The title, titled “Iwaju,” means forward-looking or contextual future in Yoruba, and speaks to what futuristic Lagos suggests if science is at its core. According to Disney, it’s “a love letter to Lagos and Nigeria.”

The work has already seen great success in the production of young African animators Ibrahim and his Nigerian colleagues Ziki Nelson and Tobi Oloufoyek.

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They said they are using “comics, art and augmented reality” to tell stories inspired by Africa.

“This show combines Disney’s expertise in magic and animation with the authenticity of Kugali’s fire and storytelling,” said Nelson.

Nelson told the BBC in 2019, “The idea was that there are very few black people in science fiction. It was as if it was sending the message that there will be no black people in the future.

“Iwaju (meaning ‘future’ in Yoruba) represents my childhood personal dream of telling my story and the story of my people. ”

Iwaju Immerse yourself in the nightlife and Afro culture of Lagos and describe the characteristics of typical Lagos life from an Afrofuturism perspective.

The story of Tora and Cole, two friends who find themselves at the extremes of socialism. Lagos money stays in Lagos, home to the extreme poor, the upper and lower middle classes, and the outrageously rich, and Iwaju told this in an exquisitely colorful way.

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Immerse yourself in futuristic Lagos life and the possibilities the city has in the island’s flying cars and floating structures, and the ever-rugged but bustling and hopeful mainland. An afro-futuristic tale of two worlds in one city.

Coming out in 2023, the animation explains the mind of the average Lagos child and reveals some of the creativity of the average African child.

“Here are three talented cartoonists. Kugari.

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“Their talent as storytellers blew us away.”

“Iwaju”, which is scheduled to be released in 2022, will be released in 2023 as a Disney original series.

Disney’s first collaboration with an outside studio in 100 years, and Iwájú is the company’s first original animated series.

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