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One person’s food, they say, is another person’s poison. The word also extends to fashion. In fact, it’s the perfect way to describe our individual fashion styles.

Just as no two faces are alike, no two people dress alike. Woman A may like to look feminine, while Woman B may prefer edgy pieces that make her presence known. It’s from

red haired woman in bodycon slit dress

You’ve probably heard this a lot from Svelte Magazine and other top fashion publications and channels. This begs the question:

What exactly is fashion style? How do you know which fashion style represents you?

Man wearing bright clothes with a hat and sneakers

Let’s find it together in this work.

What is fashion style?

man in white suit

In fashion, style is a unique way of expressing yourself through clothing, accessories, hairstyle choices, and how you combine your outfits. Once this unique method becomes unique to you as your go-to mode of dressing, it becomes your personal style.

man in brown suit holding gray hat

Fashion is a means of expression. Your style is an expression of that. And to be ready to express your style, you need to discover fashion styles that are true to your essence.

A woman wearing accessories that match her all-brown outfit

Let’s see 15 popular ones of them:

Woman wearing ripped jeans and jacket with heels

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types of fashion styles

1. Minimalist style

man in minimalist clothes

As the name suggests, this style favors minimalism. That includes ditching unnecessary items and flashy details and opting for a simpler, more intentional look with few fashion items.

This fashion style believes that less is more. It usually features neutral colors such as black, white, beige, gray and brown.

woman in minimalist clothes

Additionally, minimalist fashionistas wear carefully selected accessories, simple patterns, and solid or limited color mixes all to create an understated, functional, and classy look.

2. Chic fashion style

Chic fashion style woman dressing

This style exudes elegance and class. Men who exude this style are considered classy and well-mannered.

The look features solid hues, clean lines, flattering silhouettes, asymmetrical hems, timeless pieces, sophisticated fabrics, tasteful prints and beautiful embellishments.

A man coming out with an elegant style

In short, it is a fusion of minimalism and classic fashion. And if you’re a lover of this style, investing in timeless pieces that never go out of fashion should become a habit.

That aside, there are many variations of this style. For more information, see our guide on how to complement your chic fashion style.

But if you want to save it for later, let’s move on.

3. Avant-garde style

Man dressed in avant-garde style

This style features works that are too edgy to be considered weird. If you’re bold enough to rock it, it’s a great way to make a fashion statement.

The style is an extreme version of the eccentric style. Avant-garde fashion designer Barbara I Gonzini said:

“Avant-garde can be seen as experimental because it has to do with staying on the cutting edge, thinking positively, and exploring new possibilities. , brings relevance to the artist’s form of expression.”

Barbara Gonzini

The brand’s blog repeats more Barbara Gonzini:

woman in avant-garde costume

“It presupposes forward-thinking, artistry, unconventional design, new forms, structures and extraordinary touches that separate ideas from the mainstream. The fact that avant-garde fashion embodies a way of life. It stands out because of

To pull off this style, you’ll need to be ready to challenge the edgy and conventional style by pairing it with bold colors, statement outfits, and a variety of prints.

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4. Eccentric fashion style

Burna Boy rocking eccentric fashion style outfit

This style of dressing deviates from the norm. Some consider it strange, others simply unconventional. And that’s it.

It’s a little different than what others wear, and it’s also perfect for making a style statement.

Woman Rocking Colorful Quirky Fashion Style Outfit

This style is a mild version of the avant-garde.If you’re looking to absorb it, invest in pieces with bold colors, patterns, and standout details. burna boyAdebayo Oke Roul, Jennifer Océ, Lisa Folawiyo, Tosin Ogundadegbe, etc.

Need a quick way? Check out our guide on this subject. Introducing all things eccentric fashion style.

5. Artistic style

woman in artistic costume

This style, as the name suggests, is all about art and creativity.

Smiling woman wearing short colorful arty dress

Experiment with colors, textures, prints, whatever you have. Most avant-garde and eccentric fashionistas are always artistic.

6. Urban style

Man in streetwear costume in the park

This is also called streetwear. Jeans, t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, activewear, caps, tracksuits, sneakers, and more are youthful, casual, and comfortable.

Woman wearing streetwear outfit in the street

An offshoot of streetwear style is athleisure. Items such as leggings, crop/tank tops, sweaters, and sweatshirts are combined with sneakers.It is recommended when you want to look sporty outside the gym.

7. Afrocentric style

Woman in ankara dress taking a selfie in the mirror

This style refers to anything inspired by Africa. Its goal is to enhance African heritage, featuring clothing, accessories and designs made from African fabrics such as kente, ankara, adire and isi agu.

man in senator costume

Popular costumes in this category include Senator Wear, Color and Buba, Asooke, and Ankara Style.

8. Bohemian style

Lady rocking bohemian style outfit

Bohemian style represents a relaxed state of mind and a free spirit. Bright colored prints (mostly floral), natural accessories, earth colors, long his skirts, maxi his dresses, floral scarves and flip flops.

Smiling woman wearing bohemian style outfit

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9. Otaku Style

Victoria Willie expressing her nerdy style

There are common stereotypes about geeks. They care little about their appearance.

Watching movies and what you see in school, you might be tempted to say that this is true. But not in the truest sense of the word.

Geek style is not a carefree attitude towards fashion. Instead, the signature accessory is the glasses.

Smiling man expressing his geek style

Plus, most nerdy fashionistas are minimalists. They love dark colored outfits and shoes are sneakers, sandals, ballerina flats or flip flops. However, this doesn’t mean that nerdy women don’t wear heels either.

10. Cowgirl style

woman in cowgirl costume

The cowgirl/cowboy style originated in the 19th century Wild West. A signature accessory for lovers of this style is the wide-brimmed hat.

man in cowboy costume

Items in this fashion style include jeans, jackets, hats, cowboy boots, and more.

11. Ragenlook

old lady dressed in lagenlook

If you love layering your outfits, lagenlook is for you. It is characterized by a style that changes the shape and color by layering loose pants, tops, mufflers, etc.

Blonde woman laying on her ouft

12. Maternity style

Smiling pregnant woman wearing maternity clothes

Do you have baby bumps? Maternity style should be something you exude throughout your pregnancy journey.

I incorporate fashion items that match my growing belly.

Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, maternity fashion is no longer limited to loose clothing.

Pregnant woman wearing maternity clothes with sneakers

It has evolved to include pregnant crop tops, sheer dresses, tight-fitting pieces, maternity jeans, and more.

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13. Androgynous Style

couple rocking androgynous style

I’ll show you my genderless fashion style and I’ll show you my androgynous style.

woman in two piece suit

It involves pieces that suit both genders. Yes, I would say unisex. Fashion brands like Orange Culture successfully blend eccentric and androgynous styles into unisex pieces that you can wear as much as you want.

14. Understated style

Muslim woman wearing modest style

If you don’t want to show any skin, this should be your personal style.It is popular among Muslim women who like to rock abaya with a scarf or hijab.

A modestly dressed woman in a field

For women of other religions, this style includes midi or knee-length skirts, full-coverage blouses, and flared skirts.

The clothes here never show skin. If so, it will be the arms, neck and legs.

do you like this style? Gospel artist Mercy Chingwo’s outfit is sure to please. She is a great inspiration to see how humility and elegance meet.

15. Modern Victorian

Woman wearing modern victorian style costume

Remember the Bridgerton series? Yeah, it’s a perfect example of this style. It features Victorian and Regency era outfits, including popular corsets, long skirts and full skirts.

Woman wearing modern Victorian style costume on the street

But this is the 21st century. You will never find a woman dressed like that. instead fitted bodice, corset fashion, puffy sleevesbuttons, etc.

Now that you know 15 fashion styles, which style do you think describes you? Still not sure? Want to read our personal style guide? I will show you how to find your own style without consulting a stylist.

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