The 2022 edition of the Responsible Small-Scale Mining Awards will begin on Friday, September 9, 2022. Samuel A. Ginapol, Minister of Land and Natural Resources, said the initiative is a government and ministry effort to make mining sanitary and more attractive, while working closely with all stakeholders to improve Ghana’s economy. It has been clarified that it is intended to promote the mining industry in Japan..

He explained the rationale for the award system as follows: This is the rationale behind the Responsible Small-Scale Mining Award.

He said that contrary to suggestions from critics that the government of President Akufo Addo is opposed to small-scale mining, the government recognizes small-scale mining as a key component of the country’s mining regime, and that it should be disinfected. said he was determined to

He said the sector has suffered from many unacceptable practices resulting in negative impacts on the country’s rivers, landscape and forest cover, but it remains an important sector contributing up to 40% of the country’s gold production. Also, the government is therefore very attentive to the sector, making sure it is well managed.

He also spoke of the many efforts that have been made to curb the threat. The machines we procured and the National Alternative livelihood programs we deployed. ”

But the Minister said that despite all these measures, it would also serve as a measure to reward and promote responsible small-scale miners, to curb the threat, and to confirm the government’s determination not to oppose. I strongly pointed out that the ministry decided that it was necessary to admit that It’s a small mining, but we’re working to sanitize and improve our industry.

“The President and the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources are not against small-scale mining, but reiterate their absolute commitment and determination to continue efforts to sanitize Ghana’s small-scale mining industry. I would like to say.”

book. Jinapor noted that this year’s awards ceremony will lead to an increase in the number of winners, outlining the awards ceremony categories as follows:
1. Best Female Small Scale Miner
2. Best Male Small Miner
3. Best small-scale miners in environmental stewardship
4. Best Small Miner in Corporate Social Responsibility
5. Best gold exporter
6. Supreme Metropolitan/City or District Chief Executive
7. Best traditional leaders

Godwin Armor, general secretary of the Ghana Association of Small-Scale Miners, said the award system has shown the importance of the government agreeing with the small-scale mining sector and contributing to the development of the country. He thanked the government for introducing An award system helps small miners work sustainably.

He asked for government and ministry support to combat illegal small-scale mining in the Bilim River. He said this was a project they undertook as an association.

The National Small-Scale Mining Awards are the brainchild of the Department of Land and Natural Resources and are intended to honor those who adhere to the health, safety and environmental standards that guide mining operations.

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