Teaser Hoochie Dressing Is Not Appropriate for African American Women!

Let me start by stating that everyone has a sociological (rather than legal) right to dress as they please. We must understand that how we express ourselves affects how we are seen, treated and approached.
The same goes for us men, but I encourage you to understand that there are double standards and wearing what women want doesn’t change those standards.
Therefore, regardless of her intentions, whether good or bad, whether she recognizes or accepts this harsh, unforgiving truth, a woman who dresses like a “hoe” or a hoochie is probably recognized as one.

In addition, she may attract attention and things that she does not want.
Other countries recognize this. This is understood by other civilizations. Other racial groups recognize this. And all religions around the world recognize this. But for some reason, Americans have succumbed to the idea that “everything will be fine.”

The term “Teaser Hoochie Dressing Black Women” is defined (THDBW).
You may claim these are my thoughts, but whether you agree or not, you must admit they are facts.
A THDBW is a woman (or girl) who is conspicuously dressed in tight clothing to accentuate certain physical characteristics. Many of them want eye contact, but they only want a certain kind of man to approach them.

However, when a man who approaches her piques her curiosity and he says the same thing as other men, she flirts, smiles, and attracts attention.

Dressing to impress is not the same as dressing to tease

Teaser Hoochie Dressing Black women don’t dress like this simply because they like to look in the mirror. If she admits to you that she’s lying to you and she says so too, she’s in denial.
She may not be aware of the cues she’s giving off due to her outfit, but for the most part, I’d bet she’s pretty aware of them.
She might dress that way to use her “booty” to draw attention to herself.

She might be wearing that outfit because she could really be a “hoe.”
She may wear those clothes because her peers do.
She may dress that way because she’s seen her relatives do it. , and may even be dressed that way.
She is determined to wear whatever she wants regardless of the signal being sent, so she may even dress that way. Hmm. She might be kidding. Or maybe she is a sweet but illiterate sweet girl.

Once again, women are free to wear whatever they want, regardless of ethnicity, as long as it’s obeyed by the law. You have the right to go alone while counting $100. But if I did, we probably know what would happen.
did i bother anyone? No. Has anyone been hurt by me?
But when the police arrive, they’ll think I’m stupid and disconnected from reality.
why? Ignoring the common sense around me, I unconsciously exposed myself to the negative aspects of society.

The same is true for the women featured in this article. The consequences of actions may be fair or unfair, right or wrong.

Michael Jackson said the word “dangerous”. According to Bell Biv Devoe, that chick is pooooiissssssoooonnn. Today, however, so many siblings have rejected warning tales set to music, choosing to be seduced by big butts, grins, purses, and more. We men are obsessed with images of female body parts that tease and seduce us through magazines like Playboy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, beauty pageants, neighborhood Hooters, Beyoncé, or anaconda-loving Nicki Mirage. constantly exposed.

So what should men do when they are spiders and our hormones are keeping us in their webs?

If a woman does not respect herself, she does not respect her male companion
Brethren, do your best to choose a woman with substance, personality, and identity to respect and appreciate herself. No need to show off.
Other women often have mostly attractive looks, but resistance is not pointless.
What I am about to tell you requires self-control, high moral standards, moral integrity, and character.
But the more you insist, the more women will learn that you are not so easily fooled.

And at that point, things start to change for everyone.

Writer: Trevo Crow

Content courtesy of thy black man & NFH

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