How to Wear a Little White Dress Liker a Style Icon

There is something about wearing white color. It gives off an elegant, pure and peaceful aura. And I can only imagine how stunning you look when your white outfit is a little white dress.

For one, white is a bright color. It keeps you cool in hot weather by reflecting the sun’s energy. It is also a neutral color with strong contrast with other colors.

You can’t wear a white dress without being noticed. When this sparkle merges with the short hem of your little white dress, your eyes will widen in admiration of your style.

Woman wearing little white dress on the dock

Want to make this a reality? Yes, I think so. If so, take a look at his LWD costume inspiration for the best that fits your style.

How to wear a little white dress

Woman wearing LWD and heeled sandals

LWD, as the name suggests, is a short dress made of white fabric. This fabric can be anything from chiffon to crepe, silk, satin, georgette, mesh, and more.

Woman wearing LWD with strappy heels

As white and black have always been complementary colors, LWD is the little black dress’ sister. Thus, LBD gives a provocative and classy black look, while a little white dress gives us the relaxed yet glamorous look that wearing white gives us.

Woman wearing fur little white dress in the desert

Any type of dress, from bodycon to mini dresses, shirt dresses, suit dresses, flared dresses, wrap dresses, etc., works well with a small white dress. The important thing is that the dress has a distinct short hem that creates an LWD.

Woman wearing a little white dress at an event

So use any of these tips and wear this type of dress for a date outing, night out, or evening occasion.

1. Make Pinafore

woman wearing black t-shirt and white apron

A sleeveless or short-sleeved white dress can be used and layered with a t-shirt or collared shirt.This option is great for creating a smart casual look.

A woman wearing a little white dress over a black top with a black hat and sunglasses

2. Layer LWD

A woman wearing a sweater over her white shirt dress and knee-high boots

Layer with leather jackets, jean jackets, blazers, cardigans, dusters, kimonos, sweaters, or glamorous outerwear to create different looks from one dress.

A woman wearing a jacket over a little white dress and white knee-high boots

The importance of layering clothes in fashion cannot be overemphasized. Don’t know how? We have a style guide on how to layer your outfits. Read on for information.

But if you want to save it for later, let’s move on.

3. Cinch your waist with a contrasting belt

A woman wearing her little white dress with a waist chain as a belt

A belt can help define your waist while making your dress fit better.

Woman with ice cream wearing a belt on her white shirt dress

Wearing a belt around your little white dress will add a pop of color to your look, especially if the belt is a contrasting color.

4. Wear a hat

Smiling woman wearing little white dress with hat and handbag

Wide-brimmed hats and bucket hats always have a way of turning your outfit into a statement piece. Whether it’s fun at the beach or a picnic with friends, a little white dress goes well with a hat.

Woman wearing black hat and little white dress

Wear one for the occasion and be a rhinosure in all eyes.

5. Create a pure white ensemble

smiling woman wearing little white dress with white heels

You can also pair your LWD with white shoes, white layers, and a white handbag for a monochromatic look.

A woman wearing an all-white outfit with a small white dress

6. Make a statement with your jewelry

Woman in little white dress with statement jewelry

For the red carpet or cocktail event, wear statement jewelry. This will complement your white dress and draw attention to your neck, ears and wrists.

Woman wearing LWD with statement earrings

7. Add color with accessories

Woman wearing little white dress and colorful scarf on the beach

Imagine a little white dress with a green mini bag, pink shoes, a little vintage scarf around your neck, or sunglasses. Colorful, right?

Woman wearing LWD with pink sunglasses and matching bag

Accessories are a great way to add some flair to your outfit without adding to your outfit. But if you don’t want to wear colorful accessories, choose a bold lipstick.

8. Wear leggings/pantyhose underneath

Woman in pantyhose and knee-high boots under a little white dress

Add deets to your LWD by wearing leggings or pantyhose underneath.

While covering the thighs from people’s glare, it also enhances your sex appeal.

smiling woman wearing white dress with small heels

The type of shoes you wear with your little white dress depends on your style intentions. That is the look you want to achieve.

Woman wearing black knee high boots and LWD

If you are attending an evening function like dinner or cocktail event, heels are your go-to. However, for casual daytime events, wear knee-high his boots, sneakers, ballerina his flats, or sandals.

woman in little white dress

Now you know how to stylishly style a little white dress. Go ahead, pull on your favorite lookups and bless the internet with your photos.

Woman wearing little white dress and white boots

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