African Models: Nigeria Moves To Prohibit The Use Of Foreign Models In Commercials

The ban is aimed at promoting Nigerian advertising and highlighting its skills.
Nigeria bans voice actors and international advertisers from working in commercials.Nigeria is the first country to pass a law of this kind. The ban will go into effect on October 1st. However, active projects using foreign talents that were in progress before the announcement will be allowed to continue.
The Nigerian Advertising Regulatory Council (ARCOND), which first broke the news on August 23, said the proposal is in line with government initiatives aimed at expanding the overall advertising business in Nigeria. .

ARCON Executive Director Olalekan Fadolapo said in a statement that the restrictions are consistent with the federal government’s aim to encourage locally grown talent and broader economic growth in all industries, including advertising. says.

From 1 October 2022, all advertisements intended to appear in the Nigerian advertising space must not use foreign models or voice actors, according to the Nigerian Advertisement Regulatory Council Act No. 23 of 2022. establishes ARCON as a federal government. The government’s primary regulatory body for advertising, advertising, and marketing communications.

The Director-General further said that only Nigerian artists and models should be used in all commercial and marketing communication materials.

He clarified that ongoing advertising and marketing efforts may continue until the end of the allotted time before the ban goes into effect.

However, according to Fadolapo, the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) will not approve further requests for revalidation of the continued publication of such advertisements.
ARCON has advised the general public, advertisers, the press, the advertising community, and advertising agencies to be aware of this limitation.

ARCON president Steve Babeko argued in an interview with The Times of England that the new ban is a sign of pride for the burgeoning nation.

According to Steve Babeco, if you look at advertisements 10 or 20 years ago, about half the actors were foreigners and the narration was all done with a British accent. I think.
We could have detected a revival in Nigeria eight years ago. He added that people were typically frustrated when Nigerians had movies shot abroad with foreign actresses.

Babaeko argued that the decision would increase the influence of Nigerian advertising, noting that other African countries now dominate Nigeria’s market share.
Recent developments have further divided social media users in Nigeria, with some arguing that it is a positive step and others that it will have a negative impact on the future.

Content provided: Guardian Nigeria, ok africa & NFH

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