Black Star International Film Festival today announced the launch of the 7th Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF) dedicated to developing the business of Ghanaian, African and global cinema, independent filmmaking and film artists. The Black Star International Film Festival is scheduled to take place in Accra, Ghana from September 20-25, 2022..

The theme of this year’s BSIFF is ‘Inspiring the African Film Business’ and he continues to tell his story to a generation of young filmmakers and artists whose passion and interest in the creative arts is growing by the day. , educate themselves, shape their passions, and gain the skills, new knowledge and experience necessary to enhance the quality of their craft.

In much of Africa, the film industry continues to be structurally underfunded, underdeveloped and undervalued, thus leaving the film and audiovisual sector’s business/economic potential largely untapped. According to the Federation of Pan-African Film Producers Federation (FEPACI), the industry generates $5 billion in annual revenue from his $20 billion potential (UNESCO Report, 2021).

How can we close this gap and deliver maximum value to the industry?

The Black Star International Film Festival brings together industry professionals, film students, film distributors, media partners and the creative community from France, Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, the United States, Uganda and 10 other countries for relevant industry conversations. is intended to do , inspires and develops strategies for the thriving film business environment in Africa.

Philippa Ama Bentouma Arthur, director of the Blackstar International Film Festival, said:

“In its seventh year, the BSIFF will champion the film business, use our platform to inspire and transform narratives, celebrate independent filmmakers and film artists, and educate aspiring filmmakers. We are proud to be a pioneer by providing training and skills training and providing distribution opportunities to several filmmakers: filmmakers in Ghana, Africa and around the world.September 20 From October 25th to 25th, we invite the Ghanaian, African, Diaspora and international film and creative arts communities to celebrate cinema, independent filmmaking and creative artists.”

This year’s Black Star International Film Festival activities include film screenings in partnership with Silverbird Cinema, masterclasses, workshops in partnership with GH Media School, film clinics, industry panels, shorts on shots (film networking party), African Includes launch. Film Market, After Party, Blackstar Music Concert (BMC) in partnership with US Black Market Records (BMR), Cultural Trip, Blackstar Awards & Closing Night.

The festival also launched a BSIFF membership drive that allows BSIFF members, called “Black Stars”, to watch all 45 films at Silverbird Cinema and attend all scheduled activities free of charge. It’s the GHC100.

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