How to Style an LBD Like a Fashion Icon

Check your wardrobe items. Without that little black dress staring at you, you’re missing out on an overall level of style.

Black has always been one color full of symbolism. From luxury to elegance to sophistication to formality, black has become one of the pillars of fashion. And you can imagine how much dignity you can show when you wear a short dress in this color.

Woman rocking a little black dress in the street

Is that what you want for yourself? good.

Read on to find out how a little black dress can be styled to achieve a variety of looks for any occasion.

Woman in little black dress and black jacket

let’s start.

What is a fashionista’s little black dress?

Woman wearing little black dress on the beach

A little black dress, also known as its acronym (LBD), is a dress made of black fabric. In other words, short or skimpy enough to show off a woman’s legs or thighs in some cases.

LBD comes in fabrics such as crepe, sequin, chiffon, duchess, silk and lace. It also comes in a variety of dress types, from bodycon dresses to A-line, flared dresses, mini, sheath, shirt dresses and t-shirt dresses. , wrap dresses, etc.

Woman in little black dress with strappy heels

Moreover, these dresses feature all types of necklines. Some are plunging to expose cleavage and chest, while others are modest enough to hide their chest detail. This gives the dress even more sexy appeal.

Woman wearing a small black dress with an open back

Additionally, these dresses come in handy when attending casual events such as birthday parties, as well as (semi-)formal events such as weddings, cocktail parties, red carpet and black tie events.

Woman in one-sleeve little black dress

That means you can rock it as a birthday outfit, wedding outfit, or dinner gown, depending on the occasion.

Like everything that has ever existed, the little black dress didn’t just magically appear on Earth. To find out who was the brains behind this classic women’s wardrobe staple, take a look…

Simple Origins of the Little Black Dress

We have iconic fashion designers. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel Thank you for inventing this dress in the 1920’s.

Born out of a need to create dresses in the perfect color for couture.

Woman wearing LBD with handbag and heels

Cheryl Anderson, content writer for Classic Chicago Magazine, writes:

“Chanel, like her rival at the time, Couturier Paul Poiret, did not think that all the bright colors she saw were suitable for couture. She felt they were more suitable for the stage. Directly referring to her thoughts on Poiret’s fashion, which she felt uncomfortable with, was that they were not chic.

Sheryl Anderson

Woman wearing little black dress with handbag and heels

Chanel found elegance in black. No wonder her one of her quotes goes on.

“Nothing is more difficult to make than a little black dress. Scheherazade’s charming tricks are much easier to imitate.”

Gabrielle Chanel

Woman in little black dress drinking from wine glass

While Chanel invented LBD, Audrey Hepburn popularized the trend with her classic 1961 film. breakfast at tiffany’sSince then, LBD has become the top choice for iconic women in history and the present moment.

All women can wear a little black dress, but not all know the most important thing: how to style it.

So we need the following headings:

How to style a little black dress

Princess Diana in a little black dress
princess diana in little black dress

1. Stack the LBD

Woman in little black dress and leather jacket

If the sleeves are too narrow, layer them with a nice denim jacket, leather jacket, blazer, suit jacket, duster, kimono, sweater, cardigan, etc.

Woman in little black dress and denim jacket

Layering helps you switch up your look. It’s a great way to change up your outfit without looking like you’re changing clothes over and over again.

2. Dress up with statement jewelry

Lady LBD with matching hat and gloves

Wear nice, statement jewelry for an evening look. This will add a touch of chic to your look and exude class.

Woman in a little black dress taking a selfie in the mirror

3. Wear shoes that match your style intent

Woman in little black dress with white sneakers

Your style intent is how you look for the occasion. If you want a casual look, dress it down with kicks, sandals, flip-flops, or ballerina flats. Wear knee-high boots or heels if you want a smart casual or semi-formal look.

woman wearing little black dress with heels

Any type of women’s shoe is suitable for LBD. It depends on the look you want to achieve.

4.Pinafore for sleeveless

Woman layering white t-shirt over little black dress

If you don’t want to layer sleeveless or short-sleeved LBDs, layer shirts and tees to transform yourself into a pinafore. Whether you wear a light shirt or an opaque shirt, you’ll love it!

Woman layering a little black dress over a light top

5. Wear leggings or pantyhose underneath

Woman wearing pantyhose and little black dress

Don’t want to show your thighs? no problem.

Woman wearing leggings and little black dress

Just wear leggings or a panty house under your little black dress. It gives people something worth looking at.

6. Add Color with Addons

Smiling woman wearing sequined little black dress with red handbag and heels

Try wearing colorful jewelry and adding a brightly colored handbag to the mix. , can also complement a little black dress.

Woman wearing little black dress with green handbag and shoes

This allows you to add a pop of color to your black outfit.

7. Tighten the waist with a belt

Woman wearing a little black dress with a waist chain acting as a belt

This option is the perfect smart casual outfit when layering your LBD with a nice blazer. Belts make your dress fit better and take away your waist to reveal your curves.

Woman in little black dress with belt

8. Make it a black ensemble

A woman wearing an all black outfit with a little black dress

Who says you can’t rock a little black dress as an all-black ensemble?

Pair your dress with black shoes, black outerwear, a black handbag, and black leggings for a monochromatic look. You can stick with gold or silver accessories to add a subtle flash of color.

Woman wearing long black leather jacket over knee high boots and little black dress

For more inspiration on how to pull this off, check out our guide on how to style an all-black outfit.

Woman in little black dress with matching handbag and knee-high boots

Don’t you have LBD? Create your own by pairing a black miniskirt with a black top (tank top, turtleneck, or simple top) and apply all the tips we’ve shared above.

woman dressed in all black

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