You’re Too Shallow – Kafui Danku Fights Fan After Being Accused of Promoting “Ashawo Business

Actress Kahui Dunk has not responded kindly to a fan who subtly accused her of promoting prostitution through her social media handles..

In a Facebook post on Monday, August 29, 2022, Dancoo encouraged fans not to keep their legs closed if they “wanted to eat.”

In a post found by www.africanentertainment.com, she said, “You can’t eat closed legs.”

However, a fan named Nanaafia juliana expressed concern over the actress’s post in the comments section.

Juliana writes: Are you trying to say that I only need to open my legs when I want to eat? ? Or which leg are you talking about? I don’t Gerrit… Ashawo [Prostitution] Is your business becoming the new normal now? And are you encouraging people to do that, or what?

Caffi, who was clearly dissatisfied with Juliana’s words, angrily said, “You’re so shallow…how long have you been following me?”

Julian answered Cuffy again. Please explain your caption. A shallow person like me might understand better! ”

This post actually provoked mixed reactions.

Some of the actress’ followers think she encourages people to get up in the morning and go to work.

However, some believe that she encourages young women to make money through prostitution or the Ashawo business.

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