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7 delicious winter soups | Drizzle and Dip

Midwinter means eating soup on a regular basis. Making a big bubbly pot on the stove guarantees a healthy weekday lunch a few times. I don’t know of an easy way to pack vegetables into your diet.

Delicious French Onion Soup Recipe

This might be my favorite soup, and it’s definitely the best version of soup I’ve ever made or eaten.

My best butternut soup recipe.

Butternut soup is an absolute South African staple and my recipe includes warm ginger, citrus and a hint of curry.

My best butternut soup recipe.

split pea and ham hock soup

This is the soup I make every winter and it’s so comforting. A little time that is mostly hands-off is worth it. Don’t even think about skipping the oven-baked croutons.

classic pea and ham hock soup

winter minestrone soup

A twist on Ina Garten, this hearty soup is loaded with vegetables and small pasta noodles. This is perfect for a weekday dinner.

Winter minestrone recipe how to make

Roasted cauliflower cream soup

I roasted the cauliflower for extra flavor, but feel free to omit this part. Aged hard cheese makes this very tasty. Roasted florets were used along with grated cheese and chopped parsley to add texture to this soup.

Roasted cauliflower and cheese cream soup recipe how to make

creamy roasted tomato soup

Roasting the tomatoes before turning them into soup really changes the flavor.

creamy roasted tomato soup

Cumin and orange carrot and coriander soup

Humble carrots are transformed into something slightly spicy and savory in this easy recipe.

Cumin and orange carrot and coriander soup

all my soup recipes

My Best Winter Comfort Recipe

winter citrus recipe

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