Nigerian Fashion Brand Badeseré is Making a Strong Case For African Fabrics With its New Collection Dubbed “Orixa”

Nigerian fashion label Badesere has released the latest collection “Orixa”. Ankara cloth is the centerpiece of a collection named after a goddess from the Yoruba tribe of southwestern Nigeria.

Orixa offers glittery ready-to-wear, including sheer slacks, sheer shirts, and matching tank tops.

“This collection was inspired by the awakening of consciousness, self-love and the full acceptance of my Africanism,” says Creative Director Badessere. Our traditions and our gods were formerly taught to be unfriendly and barbaric, but in reality they are full of life and lessons.

Ankara represents our identity as Africans, and Shea represents our fishing net, our means of livelihood in the river region of Lagos.

Designer/Styling: @badeserelagos
Photo: @sammiephotomagic
Model: @pa3lo.pa3lo
Spokesperson: @moafricapragency

Content provided by Badesere Lagos & NFH

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