36 Gorgeous Fulani Braids Every Black Woman Should Wear

When you think you’ve tried all the African braids in the world, there’s one more thing on your to-do list: Fulani braids.

Like all attachment hairstyles, this hairstyle is beautiful and versatile. Perhaps that’s why Alicia Keys is known to wear it. And she’s not the only star who loves wearing these braids.

Cicely Tyson (RIP), Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Skye, Solange, Willow Smith and all the other black A-list stars on magazine covers and social media timelines in Fulani braids. is posted.

Rihanna in Fulani Braids

If you, too, want to join the list of beautiful women who rock this gorgeous hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place.

Solange Knowles wearing a beaded Fulani braid

In this post, you’ll find the best Fulani hairstyles we’ve handpicked for you.

What is Fulani knitting?

Woman wearing Fulani braid with beads at the end

As the name suggests, this hairstyle originates from the Fulani people of West Africa. Features cornrows and box described in birdie’s blog,It will be as follows.

“Cornrows braided in the middle of the head, one or more cornrows braided in the opposite direction towards the face just near the temples, braids wrapped around the hairline, and often accessories such as beads.”

Back view of beaded Fulani braid

Fulani braids come as an upstyle or all-back cornrow. Distinctive features are the carved cornrows (curves) on the head and the box braid that hangs down the sides of the head.

Pretty woman wearing Fulani braids and hair accessories

It’s versatile because it can be long or short, black, or any color you like.

To add even more deet, these braids flourish with hair accessories such as cowries, gold cuffs and beads. there is no.

Beautiful girl wearing Fulani braids

Apart from decorating a woman’s head, this hairstyle is more important.

For example, they symbolize their African origins. And this is good closure for diaspora black people who want to keep their lives going. African heritageFurthermore, in ancient times wealth, religion, Social statusor marital status.

How long do Fulani Braids last?

Woman in yellow dress with Fulani braids

These braids last up to 3-5 weeks. After all, it depends on maintenance.

Also, don’t wear it for more than 6 weeks so it doesn’t lose its edge in the process.

What hair extensions suit this hair type?

A woman in a car wearing Fulani braids

Two types of hair extensions are best suited for Fulani braiding. They include attachments and wool. Available in any color of your choice.

How long does it take to install Fulani Braids?

Lovely woman wearing beaded Fulani knitting

As with all attachment hairstyles, this style will take several hours to install. However, this depends on your natural hair density and the intended size of your braid.

But you can play your part by prepping your natural hair before your salon appointment and getting up early enough for your hairstylist to finish everything before dusk.

How to style a Fulani knit

Woman wearing beaded Fulani knitting and taking a selfie in the mirror

Add beads, gold or silver cuffs, otters, and other hair accessories to your braid. They decorate your hairstyle and make you look more attractive.

You can also tie a scarf or headband if desired and manipulate the braid into different styles such as donuts or double buns to rock it every day.

Also, don’t forget to style your baby hair with edge control for a sexy, girly finish.

Types of Fulani Knitting

1. Long Fulani Braids

Pretty woman wearing long Fulani braids

Long braids are always beautiful. The sight of it drooping down your back every time you walk is a sight to behold. Choose this style if you have enough hair extensions to achieve your desired length.

Beyoncé wears long Fulani braids with Jay-Z

2. All back flani knitting

Kim Kardashian Rocking Black All Back Fulani Braid

As the name suggests, it is a style that continues to the back. For even more accent, the hairstylist may add two braids on the side to hang around the face.

A woman rocking a beaded all-back flani knit

3. Updo Fulani braid

Smiling woman wearing upstyle fulani braid

A variation of the all-back blade. It’s just a typical Shuk ponytail.

Rocking updo Fulani braids by Taraji P. Henson

4. Cornrows with base

Girl wearing cornrows based on Fulani knitting

This Fulani cornrow is similar to other styles mentioned in this post. They can be Shuk or Allback. The only difference is some short cornrows that fall towards the forehead.

Pretty Lady Rocking Cornrow and Fulani Braid at Base

Adding a base to the braid makes the hairstyle even more beautiful.

5. Colorful braids

Pretty woman wearing brown Fulani braids

Don’t you want to use your usual black extensions? No problem at all. Choose bright colors that suit your taste.

Woman wearing red and black Fulani braids with colorful beads

Colorful flani knitting is less common. So they are a great way to get attention.

6. Fulani braids with long hair

Woman with long hair wearing Fulani braid

In this style, the front part of the hair is braided and blended with the unbraided back part.

Girl wearing Fulani braid with long hair

This can be achieved with a weave or an afro hairstyle.

7. Fulani knitting with beads, cowries or cuffs

Woman wearing beaded Fulani knitting with makeup

When you’re ready, simply add beads, cowries, or small cuffs to your braid.

Woman wearing black fulani braid with beads

8. Middle length Fulani hairstyle

Smiling woman wearing mid-length beaded Fulani braid

If you don’t want the braid to be long enough to reach your waist, keep it just below or just below your shoulders.

Woman wearing gold middle length Fulani braid

9. Fulani braid with curls

Girl wearing curly Fulani braids

If you don’t have beads, have your stylist curl the ends of your braid. A great way to add deets to your hairstyle.

Smiling woman wearing curled Fulani braids

10. Half Up, Half Down

Woman wearing red half-up, half-down fulani knit

This style is similar to the Hairout Fulani Braid technique. The difference is that instead of leaving the hair unbraided, the bottom hair is braided as a cornrow or box braid (half down) and the top is braided into an updo he cornrow (half up).

Woman wearing half-up, half-down Fulani knitting

The Fulani braid is a versatile African braid. Also, it is not limited to the above types. Feast your eyes.

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