Top 20 Kenyan Fashion Influencers Making A Wave In The Creative Industry

Social media has made it possible in this digital age to access the best fashion influencers from all over Africa and the world. The Kenyan influencer market has kept up with digital trends and conventions as new opportunities continue to emerge.

Thanks to a growing number of Instagram creators, YouTube producers, and TikTokers, we’re getting a glimpse of how Kenyan fashion influencers express their aesthetics through their unique designs.
If you’re looking for new fashion inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.We have carefully selected attractive Kenyan influencers to check out.

Esther Acott Acote

Diana Marua Bahati

Amber Ray

dj sadic

Berhane Lucia

Esther Macaria
Ola Wanselska
Maureen Waititu
Drea Chege
Dr. Kingoli
Jackie Matubia
Arrow Boyy
Adele Onyango
Sharon Mandia
la bell fashion
David the Student
Nana Owiti
Don Krug Lobos
Bridget Sigadi
Wabosha Maxine
backyard shoes
Jack Maribe
Tracy Wanjiru
Jackie ‘Willbroda’ Nyaminde

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