LIST: Ten Nigerian Music Videos Released In 2022 With Over 10Million YouTube Views

Music videos play a big role in marketing an artist’s music. Also, the success of a music video depends on the artist. Some people are overjoyed when their YouTube videos hit 100,000 views, while others consider videos with less than 1 million views to be a flop. Whether you’re a small indie artist or a big label superstar, your video with over 10 million views is definitely already a smash hit. But even within Smash Hit there are levels. Some videos peak between 10 million and he 20 million views, others reach 10 times that of him and get more than 100 million views.

2022 was one of the best years for Afrobeat and African music in general, and a music video that represented the genre had to be top notch. Directors like Director K, Dammy Twitch, TG Omori, Clarence Peters, Adasa Cookey, Olu The Wave, and The Kine play a huge role in ensuring the visuals of some of the continent’s biggest songs are crisp and crisp. fulfilled. To the point.From Rema calm down To Asake omoope, Here are 10 amazing videos from Nigerian artists who have reached 10 million views on YouTube this year (in no particular order).

  1. calm down (rema)

Visuals for Rema’s smash hit, arguably the biggest video of the year by a Nigerian artist released in February calm down Not only has it surpassed 10 million views, but it has doubled that number in just six months, making it the fastest Nigerian music video to reach 100 million views.

  1. Emiliana (Kay

CKay boasts about 40 million views Emiliana The video is a work of art directed by Ahmed Mosh. Produced by Ladder, Rex & Booker.This video shows him CKay falling in love with him and his Emiliana Explore Senegal. The visuals are flirtatious, playful and engaging, Ahmed definitely made a classic video. one for books.

  1. Bugha (Kiz Daniel & Techno)

Shot by TG Omori, Kizz Daniel and Tekno’s in Lagos, Nigeria Bugha The carnival-themed video has been viewed nearly 50 million times and is arguably one of the biggest videos released this year. This video featured his Oga Sabinus, his popular Instagram skit maker. Bugha It is also the most googled song in Nigeria.

  1. Overload (Mabins)

Mavin celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing the popular all-star track. Overload Along with vivid visuals directed by the one and only DK. The energetic and colorful video has a great set, shedding light on the record’s individual acts as much as the track does, and the video is truly his one big family celebration.

  1. Last Last (burna boy)

Burna Boy not only directed last last Video, but everything featured in the video belongs to him. “This video is directed by me, Damini (Burna Boy). It has been a huge success with over 50 million views so far.

  1. For My Hands (Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran)

Offburner’s new work love, damini album, for my hand Featuring Ed Sheeran, it has amassed over 25 million views within a month of its release.Contrast with this video last last The video is clear, as a gentler approach is taken here. The video was directed by trend-setting British filmmaker Troy Roscoe and features an elevator.

  1. sugar cane remix(Kamido, Phantom, Mallorkun, King Promise, Darko)

Effective marketing and promotional tactics, as well as TikTok, played a big part in propelling this track to stardom and Camidoh’s. sugar cane remix Despite being released over two months ago, it’s popularity hasn’t waned. Remixes and their visuals include Mayorkun, King Promise and Darkoo. The video was shot in beautiful locations in Ghana and Nigeria and directed by renowned Ghanaian filmmaker Rex. On YouTube, he has over 20 million views.

  1. Somba (Asake)

TG Omori has once again delivered for a highly significant collaboration with the African giant and consecutive chart-toppers Asake. Somba was already making waves, but Asake decided to step it up a notch with a remix featuring Burna Boy. The visual, released over four months ago, has him over 21 million views on YouTube.

  1. Omoope (Asake and Oramid)

Visuals of Asher’s blockbuster, shot by The Cain, who directed his first video as Asher Cain aka Asher Cain Omoope Features an olamide was released in February and features a cameo from Poco Lee. The majority of the video is set in a club with good vibes and lots of dancing.The vivid visuals now have him over 14 million views on YouTube.

  1. finesse (Fields and BNXN)

Singer, songwriter and record producer Pheelz’s life-changing track, finesse It had to come with the best possible visuals, and DK was hired for that task. and he delivered. The video follows Fields, who has just earned some money and is shopping for clothes. Colorful, engaging videos and amazing set designs have earned him over 38 million views on YouTube.

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