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Planning to attend a rave party and not sure what to wear? You’ve come to the right place for rave outfit inspiration.

Like any social gathering, rave parties have a dress code. No, this does not mean matching outfits with other attendees unless you and your friends agree to wear the same rave outfit. It means that you must

Two women at a rave party

To help you understand, you can find the best rave outfits in this post. But first, let’s see what that means.

What is a rave party?

Woman in neon rave costume

These are underground parties involving drugs, alcohol, dancing, music and sex. They start from dusk (or past midnight) until morning in warehouses, clubs, or public or private places.

Women at daytime rave party

These parties originated in the UK and have spread to other countries in Europe and North America. What sets them apart from the usual parties are light displays, sound systems, wild culture and distinctive music, including electronic dance music. is. techno, hardcore, HouseWhen alternative dance music.

Rave costumes for your next party

Rave costumed woman at a party

When raves first appeared in the ’80s, attendees wore baggy shirts and pants. Some were dressed as cartoon characters. Their accessories included childish things, toy chains, lollipops and more.

Two women in colorful swimsuits

Today, rave style clothing has evolved to include skimpy and sexy rave outfits such as booty shorts, t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, bikini tops, fishnets, mesh tops, bralettes and bodysuits. did. , featuring multi-colored apparel made from holographic or sequined materials.

Woman wearing skimpy clothes at a rave party

Here are the best ones for rave parties:

1. Glow in the dark

Women attending a rave party wearing glow-in-the-dark costumes

Imagine dancing in a dimly lit club. You light up as the music blasts through your speakers.

Fancy, right? That’s what you get when you glow in the dark at a rave party.

Two women wearing glow-in-the-dark stickers or beads.

You can wear glow-in-the-dark costumes and do body painting. If neither is available, choose glow-in-the-dark stickers or beads.

Whichever you choose will serve its purpose.

2. Mesh tops

Woman wearing mesh top and miniskirt

These tops are transparent enough to show off your pile of chest meat and sexy belly.

Lady Rocking Red Mesh Top and Black Leather Shorts

Wear it to that rave, but don’t forget to pair it in pairs…

3. Booty shorts

Woman wearing sequin top and shorts

Also called hot pants or bum shorts, these shorts are hot. As the name suggests, they show off your loot a little.

A popular costume for cheerleaders, dancers and rave party goers.

Woman in crop top and matching buzz shorts

4. Fishnet tights and pantyhose

woman wearing fishnet tights

Don’t want to show off your bare thighs? How about putting on fishnet tights and feasting the eyes of other guests?

A woman wearing fishnet tights under a miniskirt

It will add an accent to your rave outfit.

5. Wear Holo

Woman wearing holographic costume for rave party

Holographic or reflective costumes are perfect for rave parties. One reason is that these parties use a lot of LED lights.

Woman wearing holographic bra top and miniskirt

So wearing this, you won’t feel out of place.

6. Face Jewel

Woman wearing face jewels at a rave party

Wearing jewelry around your neck, waist, wrists, or ankles is a no-brainer. But if he raves a party, don’t stop there.

Woman with makeup wearing face jewelry

Add a face jewel to your accessory collection. If you don’t want to pierce your face, use glue to keep the jewelry on your face overnight.

7. Funky makeup

Woman with funky makeup for a rave party

Wear make-up for a rave event that you wouldn’t wear at a regular party. It shouldn’t be too quirky, but it should be appropriate and theatrical.

Rave party woman rocking funky makeup

8. Comfortable shoes

Woman wearing comfortable shoes for rave party

Save your stiletto heels for other events. Don’t wear them to rave parties. Remember, you’ll be on your feet from dusk till dawn. So imagine how tired your feet would be if you wore heels all night long.

Woman wearing rave outfit in comfortable shoes

Wear comfortable shoes instead. These can be boots, sneakers, sandals, etc.

9. Candibees

kandi beaded bangle

Wear these accessories to your rave party. It’s colorful and fits the lively theme of the occasion.

Kandi Beaded Necklace


Woman wearing coordinating set for rave party

Most rave costumes are coordinated sets. That is, a two-piece made of the same type and color of fabric. They are mostly offered as shorts or skirts with a top.

A woman wearing a bra top and a mini skirt

Go for this, but make sure it’s skimpy enough to show off your thighs and midriff.

Woman wearing explicit bikini outfit at rave party

A general rule of rave outfits is to wear revealing clothes.

Three women in rave outfits at a rave party

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