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5 Essential Equipment in a Nigerian Kitchen

If you’re just getting started cooking Nigerian food, there are must-have kitchen tools and appliances. They can certainly make your cooking more efficient, spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor. I have. If not, we recommend some brands you can check out.

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1. Grater

To grate hard foods such as root vegetables and coconut, you need a good quality box grater. When buying, try something sturdy. heavy duty box grater.

2. Food processor and food blender

Absolutely essential. A typical Nigerian kitchen cannot survive without these.To prepare essentials such as yams or to peel Moin Moin beans, you will need a food processor. You’ll need a blender to make a stew base, crush okra to make okra he soup, make a smooth dough for acala, and many more dishes. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s worth investing in a quality one because you’ll be using it a lot for years to come.i am a fan of kenwood food processoroften comes with a blender attachment and other stuff This means you don’t have to invest in two separate appliances..

3. Large cutting board

Needless to say, this item is essential in all modern kitchens, and this is especially true in Nigerian kitchens. It is required for chopping leafy greens for stews and soups, large, thick, starchy vegetables such as yams and sweet potatoes, and many of the peppers, tomatoes, and onions used to make batches of stews. this big organic bamboo cutting board Perfect for all your chopping needs.

4. Pestle and mortar

Required for grinding seeds and spices. I also use it to crush garlic and ginger. These are two key aromatic ingredients that enliven many Nigerian dishes.I Granite Pestle and Mortar It’s served me well over the years and I can’t imagine a kitchen without it.

5. Sieve, colander, strainer

Sieves, colanders and strainer cloths are included in many traditional and contemporary Nigerian kitchens. sieve It is used for sieving milled grains and extracting non-uniform particles, especially from flours such as yam flour. drainer Great for washing leafy greens and other rough foods. filter cloth Essential for plant milks and other recipes that require the extraction of fine liquids.

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