10 Things to Know About Nigerian Songster Tems10 Things To Know About Tems

Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, is a burgeoning Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer currently making waves on the music scene. She’s been nominated for a Grammy Award and has had an almost meteoric rise in the past few months. NAACP Awards and BET Awards, as well as numerous international endorsement deals.

There are a few things you should know about Tems.

1. Thames was born in England, and her parents separated when she was only five years old. Her mother’s voice dominates Track 4 – Temilade Interlude, as evidenced by her debut EP ‘For Broken Ears’.

2. She attended Dowen College in Lecchi and graduated in Economics from Monash University in Johannesburg.

3. Grown up Thames finds a way out in the music room, where he is noticed by the music teacher. She also learned to play piano and guitar. Outside of her school, Thames performed mini-her concerts in her brother’s room, out into the music of her cast, Kate Her Nash, Green Her Day, Rollin Her Hill.

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4. The Tems’ biggest musical influences are Frank Ocean, Asa, and Lil Wayne.

5. She is very private about her love life and is currently single.

6. Tems loves anime, citing “Attack on Titan,” “Darker Than Black,” and “Demon Slayer” as recent favorites.

7. In addition to writing and singing her songs, Thames also produces her own music which is very unusual in the music industry. Released the first single “Mr Rebel”.

8. When Tems and WizKid teamed up for “Essence,” the song catapulted the Nigerian singer to unexpected stardom. The song quickly went viral and topped the charts, earning Thames her first Billboard 100 list. With the 2018 releases of “Mr Rebel” and “Try Me,” Arte has already gained a following within her scene. Tems’ global breakthrough proved to be explosive and left everyone wondering. Who is the diva behind the rich, warm vocals we’ve been singing all summer long?

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9. In 2019, according to Tems, the singer spent two days in jail after performing at a concert in Uganda for unknowingly not following COVID-19 guidelines. Despite her extreme condition, she said the experience gave her a new perspective on her life and a deeper appreciation for the love her fans showed her.

10. 2022 was arguably the best year of Tems’ career, with her song “Essence” being nominated for a Grammy Award. Awarded and made history as the first Nigerian to win a BET Award.

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