9 Tips for a Chic Leggings Outfit

A friend of mine recently posted a photo on her Facebook story. And when I saw that photo of her, I had to ask if she had left the country, the environment looked completely different from Nigeria, and her outfit (a pencil under her skirt (Was wearing leggings for her) reinforced my speculation.

She then told me that I was the number one person to ask that question.

I smiled.

Who wouldn’t have thought she left the country with a photo vibe? So why did her outfit make us think she was no longer in the country?

Five words: the way she styled it.

A friend of mine didn’t just grab leggings with a long top like many women do. She paired it with a pencil skirt and the result was something exotic.

You can do the same.

No, it doesn’t mean you should take pictures that make people speculate whether you left your country and went to another continent. This means that it must be styled in a specific way.

woman wearing leggings under her skirt

That’s what you learn in this work.

You’ll discover how to style women’s leggings in a unique way without harming your body (yes, this fabric has its flaws too).

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What are leggings?

Woman wearing black bra top with women's black leather leggings

Leggings are comfortable casual or athleisure garments worn on the lower body. They are mainly made of spandex, cotton, elastane, polyester, leather, etc.

A versatile piece that fits in every woman’s wardrobe. It protects your feet from harsh environmental conditions and keeps you warm when it’s cold.

Leggings are useful for casual occasions, when exercising, or when you want to change the coordination of your usual skirt and dress.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly lock leggings.

It’s not that difficult. However, it can be difficult to think of leggings and tights as being the same thing. With that in mind, let’s see…

Leggings vs tights: is there a difference?

Smiling woman wearing top and leggings for women

Leggings and tights are similar but not the same.

For one, women’s leggings are leg coverings made of a thick, opaque material.As a result, they are suitable enough to be worn as pants.

But the same cannot be said for tights.

A woman wearing thin leggings under a red dress

These leg covers are thin, lightweight and stretchy. It is made of a fabric that blends stretchy fibers with sheer nylon knit. Sometimes it covers the whole leg, sometimes it stops at the thigh.

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black tights for women

Tights are underwear (what you wear under your clothes), so don’t wear them as pants. But you can rock women’s leggings as pants.

Are leggings and jeggings the same?

Woman wearing jeggings with belt hoops

No they are not the same. Leggings are snug, tight-fitting clothing made of stretchy fabric, while jeggings are jeans leggings.

So it’s a type of jeans made from soft denim that’s designed to look like leggings.

How to style women’s leggings

woman and sneakers woman wearing black leggings and t-shirt

1. Pair with a long top

Woman wearing long top with leggings and sneakers

Leggings are form-fitting, framing your buttocks and making your curves more visible. Also, if you’re not exercising, you may not find this comfortable.

Woman wearing matching blue long top with leggings for women

We recommend pairing it with a long top. This way you will cover your buttocks from the glaring eyes of passers-by.

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2. Wear it with a short top

Woman wearing face mask and top and leggings

If you want to show off your curves but don’t mind being seen on the street, wear leggings with a short top or jacket.

Woman wearing leggings and jeans top for women

The figure that wraps around the body fascinates those who see it.

3. Pair with a crop/tank top

woman and woman wearing sneakers leggings and crop top

This is convenient when you go to the gym or work out in the comfort of your own home. Most leggings are high-rise, so they hug your body and complement your top when you raise your legs or squat.

Feel free to rock leggings with a cute crop top even when you’re not exercising.

4. Layering with outerwear

Woman wearing sweater with shiny leggings pants

Let’s say you just left the gym and want to go home. What if you don’t like walking around town in a cropped tank top?

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Woman wearing jean jacket with hat and handbag and leggings

Simple: Outerwear and layering. This includes cardigans, shirts, hoodies, coats, faux fur his coats, sweaters, blazers, jeans his jackets and more.

Leggings can also be layered when rocking this outfit to other public gatherings.

5. Wear it under a dress

Woman wearing black leggings under denim dress

Have you shopped for A-lines, blazer dresses, bodycon dresses, etc.? Pair with leggings.

Woman wearing women's leggings under dress

Perfect with leggings, whether mini, midi or maxi. This is a super stylish trick that you should definitely try. You can set yourself apart from the women around you.

6. Wear it under your skirt

Woman wearing leggings under skirt over jacket

Don’t want to show off your legs under your skirt? No problem at all. Please wear leggings.

A woman wearing leggings under a short skirt

Even if you think you’re hiding your legs, you’re doing something else. It adds charm to the look.

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7. Wear it under shorts

Woman wearing leggings under jeans shorts

If you want to accentuate your butt shorts, or if you want to wear shorts without exposing your thighs, try this option.

Woman wearing leggings under denim pants

8. Throw in your kick

Woman wearing leather leggings and crop top sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect footwear for leggings outfits.

Whether you’re having a drink in the pub or a workout session, team them with our women’s leggings for a complete athleisure look.

Woman wearing brown leggings with white Ye sneakers

But if your outfit isn’t totally casual, but rather smart or business casual, the following tips can help.

9. Wear flats or heels

Woman wearing leggings for women on heels

Ballerina flats, knee-high boots, sandals, flip-flops, or heels are stylish add-ons to wearing women’s leggings.

Woman wearing flat shoes with leggings

Feel free to wear whatever suits you and your mood.

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Helpful Tips to Remember When Wearing Women’s Leggings

Avoid leggings that are too tight or too loose

Woman wearing sweater over leggings and boots

They should be snug enough to accommodate your body and loose enough to leave room for air.

Woman wearing denim jacket with black leggings for women

Too tight and people might notice unsightly features on your lower body. And you don’t want that, do you?

Similarly, if it is too loose, it will not fit and look bad.

don’t wear it for a long time

Woman wearing women's black leggings

Since leggings are not made of tight, breathable fabric, they have some drawbacks to the skin.

For example, when fabric rubs against your skin, it creates friction that can lead to irritation and pain.

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Woman wearing school jacket with leggings and white sneakers

It can also cause infections and skin diseases.Dr. Joshua Seichner, New York City Dermatologist of panaprime The blog explains:

“Tight-fitting clothing like workout leggings can trap sweat and clog pores. It becomes easier to take.

Tight trousers increase the risk of skin and genital infections, especially fungal infections. The tightness restricts air circulation in the skin and causes profuse sweating around the groin.

Leggings increase yeast production on the skin, causing sweating, swelling, skin rashes, redness, itching, and infections.

Dr. Joshua Seichner

Pretty woman wearing shirt with black leggings and sneakers

The next time you want to wear women’s leggings, keep these style tips in mind.

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