How to Pull Them off the Fashionista Way

Classic hats never go out of style. From bucket hats to wide-brimmed hats, they’ve been trendy for decades. Like any other fashion accessory, they complete your outfit and turn heads. However, if you want to accent your hat, be sure to use an Ankara hat.

why do you ask

First, Ankara hats are an Afrocentric fashion accessory for both men and women.

Man rocking ankara bucket hat with caucasian girlfriend wearing matching anakra hoodies

See it as a combination of Afrocentrism and Westernization. Instead of rocking the Ankara fabric as a scarf or gel, turn it into a voluminous and beautiful hat.


Smiling woman in ankara costume with matching ankara hat

They always come in one with different colors. This makes them stand out more.

Man wearing Ankara bucket hat and matching shirt

If you have the chance, why not add some Afrocentric flair? Wear an Ankara hat.

Not sure how to start? That is what you will learn in this article.

Let’s dive in.

How to style ankara hat

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about fashion, it’s the little things that matter. All add-ons matter, from shoes to watches to sunglasses to jewelry.

But some little things are no small things. Small but mighty like an Ankara hat.

Smiling woman wearing ankara hat and matching handbag and short skirt and white top

Let’s say you have a summer party on the beach. After you’ve put on your beachwear and sunscreen, you may look healthy enough to spend some time beachside.

A woman wearing a wide-brimmed Ankara hat with a matching top and skirt

There are other things you should add to protect your face from the sun. it’s a hat

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t wear a plain hat. Save plain ones for another day, even if they are bright like the sun.

Woman in matching dress and wide-brimmed Ankara hat

Others are likely to wear hats like that. So why not wear something different?

That’s where Ankara fabric hats come in.

Wide-brimmed Ankara hat and matching beachwear

It can be a wide-brimmed, bucket, baseball or any kind of hat.

Smiling sisters in matching dresses and ankara hats

No, it’s not just for beach days.

Can be worn as business casual attire, luncheons, church, picnics, or casual outings. It can also be locked as a statement piece.

red-lipped woman in dress with wide-brimmed ankara hat

Wondering how to get started? please:

1. Match the ankara hat with the suit

Woman in matching suit and ankara hat

Want to bring your suit to life? Add Ankara Hat to the mix.

A pro tip is to wear a suit and hat made from the same Ankara fabric.

Beyoncé in a matching suit with an Ankara hat

This leaves plenty of room for a multi-colored afrocentric hat.

Whether the color of the hat is bold or subtle, you can also wear a suit of either color.

2. Coordinate everything

A woman in a wide-brimmed Ankara hat with a bra top and long skirt

Ankara hat can also be worn as an ensemble.

This is a three-piece costume that includes a top, bottoms (skirt or pants), and a hat, all made from Ankara fabric.

Woman wearing crop top and pants with wide-brimmed Ankara hat

One piece and hat of the same fabric, two-piece Ankara and hat are also possible.

Coordinated sets are great and you don’t have to worry about how the top and bottom will fit together.

3. Pair with jeans

Woman wearing ankara bucket hat and jean jacket

Adding an ankara hat to jeans, a t-shirt, or a crop top is not routine.

Man wearing Ankara bucket hat and matching jacket

We do it to receive compliments from friends and strangers and to earn their admiration.

4. Pair with beachwear

Back view of woman in bikini and wide-brimmed ankara hat

Whether you’re wearing shorts and a vintage shirt, a flowing dress, or a bikini, these hats will always help you protect yourself from the sun.

A woman wearing a white dress and a wide-brimmed African cloth hat

Stay stylish in an Afrocentric hat while soaking up the sun on the beach.

5. Match it with a dress

Woman in wide-brimmed Ankara hat and short dress

Ankara hats look great with any type of dress, including tight-fitting, loose-fitting, maxi, midi, and mini.

Woman in wide-brimmed Ankara hat with matching short gown and bag

So next time you go out, try this option.

6. Palazzo Pants/Skirts & Tops

Woman in wide-brimmed Ankara hat with crop top and palazzo

This combination also works great with hats made from African fabrics.

A woman wearing a matching skirt and an ankara hat

Coordinate with a set, or align pants and tops in different colors. If you don’t want a solid color, try a multi-colored/multi-patterned top or pants and add a hat to the mix.

7. Jumpsuits & Playsuits

Woman in wide-brimmed Ankara hat and playsuit

You can even rock an Ankara hat with a jumpsuit or playsuit – the options are endless.

Tips for rocking the Ankara Hut

Wide-brimmed Ankara hat and matching wallet

The first thing you should do is be careful with your color mixing. One reason is that there are more than two hat colors. Therefore, if you are not wearing an Ankara ensemble, pair it with plain clothes so as not to look too loud.

Woman wearing wide-brimmed Ankara hat with matching top and shorts

This does not mean that prints and patterns cannot be mixed.

Of course you can.

Woman with matching purse and ankara hat

Feel free to combine floral shirts and striped pants with hats. But make sure they are the same color palette and multicolor is not over one or two sides of your outfit.

A woman wearing a wide-brimmed Ankara hat and pants

Aside from that, Afrocentric hats go well with all types of shoes, from sneakers to heels to oxfords to Chelsea boots to palm slippers.

If you’re ready to buy for yourself, visit Etsy Or, even better, reach out to a great tailor or fashion designer near you.

Woman in crop top and short skirt with wide-brimmed Ankara hat

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