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Claudette Schreuders

Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973, this highly relevant contemporary artist is known for his carved and painted wood sculptures and lithographic prints of interest.

Currently living in Cape Town Claudette Schroiders Figures can be found in nearly every major museum in the world, from the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan, MOMA in the US to the British Museum in the UK. They reflect the ambiguity of the search for African identity in post-apartheid South Africa.

Her inspiration comes from many places… Medieval church figures, West African sculpture, Spanish portraiture, and more.

Usually smaller than life-size, her sculptures generally have stocky bodies and oversized limbs. Her eyes are large and somewhat hearty, and her head is slightly enlarged. They can be complete figures or small busts, sculpted in pairs, such as lovers or father and son, or in interrelated groups, such as the “Three Sisters”. I have.

Subjects can include domestic animals, wild animals, and birds.

Their quiet, understated air makes them powerful vessels for emotion reading across cultural boundaries. dehumanized to

This contrasts with portraits of famous and recognizable public figures. In this case, it is simply titled “President”, like the portrait of South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa.

Schroiders has held many exhibitions over the years both inside and outside the African continent. A single sculpture or drawing can give rise to the idea of ​​an entire series, such as the latest work. in the bedroom, 2019, bystander2017, long day2010, and many more during her first solo with Jack Shainman NY in 2001. Burnt by the Sun.

Lithograph, “Rival”, 2015

Her drawings are very loosely worked and are the starting point for her prints, which are usually etchings. In this way Schreuders, as an artist, is able to retain some of her sculptures that leave her behind.

Her sculptures are decidedly more meticulously planned and executed. These days, it’s actually made from wood logs with the boards fused together. This is how Schroider makes it more stable and controllable.

Her favorite woods are jelutong, limewood and camphor, often carved directly from jacaranda logs in the past.

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