The Contemporary Womenswear Brand Asantii

After working in the African design sector for over 20 years, founder Maryse Mbonyumutwa set out to create an international fashion company with roots in the region. This is where Asanti’s story begins.
A company that sells classic items made with integrity. A company with a mission to lead the fashion revolution, empower African designers, artists and artisans, and improve the brand’s employees and their families through the Pink Ubuntu social investment program.

In this uncharted territory, the first step was to establish a manufacturing infrastructure. Currently, about 4,000 employees, mostly women, work for his Pink Mango and its partner Her C&D Products in Rwanda.

In the second step, we assembled a dream team of African designers with the help of a global group of luxury brand and supply experts. By rallying in the spirit of Ubuntu, they created his Asantii. This is a great fashion label representing Africa to the world.

With each collection, we are delighted to add new value and foster creativity to Africa’s rich cultural history.

The Asanti team of designers hail from 12 African countries and are passionate about sharing their different perspectives with each other and the world. These designers shape the general mood with new inspiration each season from their country’s craft and textile traditions, cultural history and natural landscapes. They are backed by a team of fashion experts based in London.

In the area of ​​sustainable fashion, we use our industry expertise to make a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

By carefully sourcing materials from across Africa and dedicating ourselves to ethically creating our designs in our state-of-the-art facility in Rwanda, Asanti is committed to making a difference in the fashion industry. Asantii is sustainable by default. We encourage women’s collectives and artisans with a focus on classic, year-round looks that breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Asantii was founded on a strong commitment to embracing the spirit of Ubuntu, a belief in shared humanity, and the upliftment of all who work with us.

Everything we do, from prioritizing the needs of our employees and their families through corporate social responsibility, to promoting our designers’ individual brands through capsule collections, is motivated by the ubuntu (give back) principle. attached. Our ultimate goal is to promote the growth of the fashion, apparel and textile industries in Africa.

Asanti expresses its gratitude to the continent for providing us all with so much.

Content courtesy of asanti & NFH

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