Where to Buy African Fashion in United States of America

With African prints growing in popularity, it’s no wonder the market is flooded with great brands of clothing and accessories. Social media is buzzing with many brand launches, but the reality is there are so many that you’ll probably have to research each one to find the specific item or quality you’re looking for. But this is a good thing, as the saying goes, “Diversity is the spice of life.” Having a variety of options to choose from is important when making a purchase. Whether you’re of African descent or not, if you’re looking for authentic style to complement your outfit, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the top African fashion brands in the United States.Radar Now must be maintained.

Image Source: Busayo NYC

Suakoko Betty

Charlene Dunbar is the founder of Suakoko Betty, an engineer turned fashion designer. She fled the civil war in her native Liberia when she was 11 and she immigrated to the United States. Ultimately, she perfected her sewing skills under the guidance of her mother and the women of the church, creating designs that evoke a colorful and vibrant perspective. Colors, sophisticated styling” are the signature styles of the collection, all made in Atlanta.

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Founded in Detroit in 2018, Diop is on a mission to make African wear for men and make them feel good. Their apparel is designed with inclusion in mind for people who care about standing out with style rather than blending in with the crowd. while emphasizing that their clothing creates a space for all who wish to learn about the history of the Black Diaspora, from colonialism to pan-Africanism to Afro-modernism. I’m here.

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Busayo NYC

Brooklyn-based Busayo was born out of an appreciation for color and its ability to convey a person’s dynamism, personality and nuance. The brand believes African textiles are a rich medium for understanding past and present. Busayo therefore creates unique and one-of-a-kind clothing fabrics based on Adile, a traditional Yoruba textile dyeing technique from southwestern Nigeria. This allows you to play with different colors and textures.

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Diyanu is a Philadelphia-based black-owned company that operates a thriving online store. Founder and CEO Addie Elabor has a unique vision to create long-term, positive change in the African textile industry through African ready-to-wear. They achieve this by partnering with continental fabric and clothing manufacturers. Diyanu has been praised by The New York Times, Philadelphia Magazine and CBS.

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Truface by Grace

The brand aims to bring authentic African jewelry and accessories to America. Describing TrufacebyGrace products as “auto chic,” his TrufacebyGrace creations are both traditional and contemporary with a modern twist. Their creations have been worn by many celebrities, including Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Miss Universe 2019 – Zozibini Tunji, and Coming 2 America actress Nomuzamo Vasa.

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Ray Darten

Yetunde Olukoya founded Ray Darten as the home of unique African print outfits for women. The doctor-turned-designer has a strong belief in highlighting each woman’s unique beauty and identity through bold prints and versatile designs in her Darten creations. Her clothes share stories of Africa’s rich culture and heritage. In 2019, the brand expanded to a new production facility in Nigeria and increased its staff. They are also committed to socio-economic change by giving back to disadvantaged children through their Ray of Hope initiative.

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Do you know of any other brands retailing African fashion in the United States that should be added to the list?

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