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The Vegan Nigerian: Cookbook Release Date and Cover Reveal

Proof copy!

We are excited to share the release of our second cookbook “Vegan Nigerian Kitchen” on Monday, November 22nd!

The comprehensive cookbook contains 100 classic Nigerian recipes with a vegan twist, including soups, stews, sweet and tasty snacks, porridge, rice dishes, and drinks. You can’t wait to get this epic love labor, full of full-page photos, a glossary of ingredients and equipment, convenient cooking techniques and appetizing dishes. Whether you are familiar with Nigerian cuisine or not, you are sure to make a lot of delicious discoveries.

Cookbooks are available in both paperback and ebook formats, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

A few weeks ago I Instagram The audience voted on the cover (via story voting), which was a popular option for long shots. Thank you for your input!

If you want to update the cookbook once it is deleted, please check again on the 22nd or join my mailing list. here Send the purchase link directly to your inbox. 💚

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