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The Vegan Nigerian: Where to Buy West African Ingredients Online

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is where to find certain Nigerian ingredients. There are several companies here that deliver Nigerian groceries throughout the UK mainland, resisting the urge to simply say “Google is your friend”. The companies I introduce here are the ones I personally used, so I confidently recommend them. If its helpful then im happy. If you find other services and try them out, they will be added to this list. My plan is also to share such similar posts in different countries around the world. stay tuned!

1.1. John and viola: Offering affordable African groceries and constantly adding new products to our lineup. Free delivery to the UK mainland!

2.2. Ades: Carry large quantities of fresh packaging / dried ingredients in cash with a London-based retailer.They were one of my recourses when delivering all over the UK and buying my materials Cookbook Recipe test.

3.3. Ormo Foods: A family-owned online business specializing in high quality African groceries. You will find spices, vegetables, fruits and everything in between.

4.4. Afrobai: Family-owned online grocery store. Their website is clean, well organized and easy to navigate. In addition to grains, flour and cereals, we also have a large selection of fresh produce and seasonings.

5.5. Wosiwosi: They have a top range of indigenous leafy vegetables and vegetables. You can also expect delivery across the UK the next day.

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