The Distinguished Kenyan Man’s Guide to dressing up for Important Functions

When I was a teenager, I was watching a romantic teenage movie in anticipation of my first girlfriend. We are all convinced that we have done so. Now, there is always a point where the female protagonist is obsessed with emotional choices between the two men. So she started listing the benefits of man number one. He is strong, dependable, kind, He is … and when it comes to a disadvantage, she lists only one. He is not the second man.

We want you to dress up to be the second man. We want you to evoke a strong emotional reaction to your audience that nothing else matters.

So let’s take a look at some different and unique methods without any further hassle.

Kenyan features you might dress up, and Give styling advice on how to leave a strong impression In each scenario.

What we are trying to do is take an event that you may need to do Dress up and move on and show you how you can shine Elegantly for each.

Please be careful. Due to the quality and uniqueness of our power jackets, at the time of reading this guide, it is highly unlikely that any of the following looks will still be in stock.

That said, we believe in the styling knowledge you receive Both methods are valuable to you when you develop your individual style when it comes to influencing the important opportunities you choose to attend.

The individual appearance is less important than the basic style principle. This principle serves as the basis for the decision-making process whenever you purchase occasional wear.

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