What to Know Before Buying this Weave

When I first heard “Brazilian hair” It was in the early 2010s.It was about women’s hairstyles that musicians like Chady K dedicated a four minute song in addition.

If you are a hair lover, you are no stranger to this type of human hair extension. You’ve probably heard it from stylists, suppliers, social media, actors, singers, or random people on the street.

Brazilian hair weaves may not be on everyone’s lips as they used to be, but they are still worth the investment.

But before you buy this hair tress, there are a few things you need to know. For example, the fact that it is called Brazilian hair does not mean that it is actually from Brazil.

More than that is covered in this article. Continue reading to continue enlightenment and save this page for future reference.

What is Brazilian Hair?

Pretty woman wearing brazilian hair

Like single donor hair, this type of hair comes from South American and Asian donors. They are growing up and paying to donate their hair in good shape. Most of the donors come from small rural areas in Brazil, but not all Brazilian weaves actually come from Brazil.

Women using Brazilian hair extensions for ponytail hairstyles

Daniela Cilliers, Content Writer Laura silkSaid the same:

“I was born and raised in Brazil. Selling and donating hair can be assured that it is not part of the Brazilian women’s culture. Looking at the number of this market, Brazilian humans Hair exports are only 0.74% of the market. It is literally impossible to say that Brazilian hair sold around the world actually comes from the heads of Brazilian girls. And the same is true of Peru. It happens to hair, brazilian hair, and everything else. So now you’re probably asking yourself … where did the hair come from? From Asia. This is donating hair or A continent that has been incorporated as part of culture and business practices to sell and sell. “

Yes, hair comes from different parts of Asia. According to Cilliers, this name only serves as a category to distinguish it from other smooth human hairs on the market.

Brazilian hair-shaking woman

In general, this human hair weave is soft, thick, versatile, shiny and durable. You can easily style it in a variety of ways, including straight, color, curly, and wave. Besides? The weave also handles heat better than Malaysian or Indian hair and retains curls longer.

This hair looks perfect, so you don’t need many bundles to install this hair. Therefore, only a few bundles are needed and the hair looks dense, which is economical.

How to weave red brazilian hair

In addition, Brazilian weaving is easy to maintain and can last up to a year, depending on how you care for it.

Brazilian hair weave types

1. Straight Brazilian hair

Woman wearing straight brazilian hair

As the name implies, this hair is straight and has no elastic curls or waves. The best part of this weave is that you can manipulate it to any style you want.

Woman wearing short brazilian hair

So, regardless of how straight it looks, you can always get it if you want it to be curly.

2. Curly Brazilian weave

A smiling woman wearing Brazilian curly hair

This hair is curly hair in the shape of S or Z. The curls are tight and can be fine or rough, depending on the type you want.

Woman wearing long curly Brazilian hair

3. Wavy Brazilian hair

A smiling woman with wavy brazilian hair

This type is dense and helps add volume to natural hair. They are durable and wavy patterns can also stay for long periods of time.

Pretty woman wearing wavy brazilian hair

Things to do before buying a Brazilian hair weave / wig

Brazilian hair weaving

Before paying for this hair vendor, talk to a hair stylist or a hair lover who has the knack for recognizing high quality hair.

They may connect you to a good hair vendor and teach you how to recognize high quality hair at a glance.

In addition, consider the length of hair you want to achieve and choose the inch that suits your taste. For example, if you want the look of Bob, you need a short weave.

In addition, colors need to be kept in mind. Do you want black, blonde or red? Make a color choice before contacting the supplier.

Where to buy brazilian hair

Instagram Brazil Hair Search Screenshots

This hair can be found in e-commerce stores such as Jumia, Konga, or other well-known hair websites.

In addition, hair vendors are flooded with Instagram and other social media.To find them, just enter your keywords “Brazilian hair” In your search bar, and soon, you will find hair sellers around you.

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