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Dilomprizulike b 1960, Nigeria

Born in Dill Humphrey-Like Umezu, but widely known in the world of contemporary art Dilomprizulike, He is called “African Junkman”. His work, which first attracted attention at the 7th African Art Biennale in Dakar in 2006, is highly regarded internationally.

He currently works and lives in two worlds, Germany and Nigeria.

Exhibited at Africa remix In Hayward, who lived in V & A museums in London and Scotland, Detroit and Germany, he showed that he could offer a lot in terms of confusing translations. The world of substance.

He is primarily involved in the sculpture and remodeling of discovered objects, as well as painting and producing performance art. Smelting the trash piles of objects, he reinvents them into a tableau and tells the whole story together, but individually, each sculpture tells itself.

His installation can contain multiple figures and prop items, and I like to place them in roadside situations. They exist by themselves .. No feelings for the artist, but perhaps no feelings for the viewer?

“City Girl” 2010

He finds a new position for Nigerians to exist between post-slavery and post-colonialism, and between modern urbanites who have no sense of place other than their immediate surroundings. I’m seeing you struggling. His work is symbolically and literally about change and revitalization.

He is interested in the explosive growth of consumerism, the decline in moral values, the loss of knowledge, and the respect for heritage and history.

For more fascinating insights into this important contemporary African art figure, here

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