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The Vegan Nigerian: Fonio (Acha)

Native to West Africa and considered the oldest grain in Africa, Digitaria is a lesser-known gluten-free grain (technically a seed, but classified as a grain), similar to quinoa and couscous. Often). Sometimes called “hungry rice”, it has a mellow nutty taste. The cereals are so small that it only takes 3 minutes to cook.

It is cultivated in central Nigeria, especially in the plateau and bauchi provinces. There are two main species, black phonio and white phonio.

Digitaria exilis is rich in protein, rich in dietary fiber, and an excellent source of iron, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. It also contains a variety of essential amino acids and provides vitamins b1 and b3. It has a low glycemic index and is ideal as a substitute for white rice.

You can cook it as rustic as rice, grind it in flour and bake it, swallow it, or add it to stir-fries and salads. In the plateau and other parts of northern Nigeria, it is the main ingredient in making the traditional delicacy, Gwateacha (Fonio porridge).

Guate Acha

Guate Acha: this Delicious porridge is a mixture of phonio and nutritious vegetables. It is also referred to by other names such as Pete Acha, Gote, Gwete, and Tere.You can find the complete recipe in my cookbook Vegan nigeria kitchen..

Are you wondering where to buy a phonio?You can find it online Or at a health store such as Planet Organic.

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