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If you said that in 2020, food safety could be more important than food taste in the Nigerian situation, I might have argued with you until it completely surrendered. If you eat out on a regular basis (local joints, stupidity, roadside meals), you can understand that food safety is not always a priority. Don’t get me wrong. It is not an intentional act of being unsafe. Only the criteria are different. You get what you pay for, even if it means antibiotics every three months to cleanse your system from typhoid fever.

Food Covid Times

Food safety can be inadequate in quick service restaurants. Large dining spaces often have problems with the Blue Moon once. Another layer has been added to this already dangerous topic. COVID! !! !! The world hardly understands This works.. We know that food companies here in Nigeria are working hard to take steps to minimize infection and the risk of infection.

However, these are somewhat knowledgeable food businesses. Some of these companies are disinfecting spaces, deploying hand-washing stations, educating staff on new operating methods, and most importantly, taking steps to deliver food to their customers.

What happens to women on the street that sells Akara? Who will educate her about the steps to take to deploy to Covid-19? How does she package food differently to prevent infection and infection? Does she switch her delivery? What about government officials in charge of inspections? Will they make her follow the same standards as everyone else? Or does our roadside food disappear by natural selection?

I don’t know you, but I try to minimize the risk by making a lot of meals. If you are tired and unable to cook and place an order, you will be shown with a wipe, gloves and a mask. Make sure to clean the fully delivered package. The experience I’m about to taste isn’t of much interest to me until I’m sure I’ve done a thorough wipe. Do everyone else feel the same?

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