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Top 5 African Yam Recipes

Yams are native to Africa and Nigeria happens to be the largest producer in the world, accounting for more than 75% of total production. Tuber sizes vary from small to very large. In the United States, sweet potatoes are often mistakenly labeled as yam, so we are not talking about sweet potatoes here. yam The skin is dark brown and the inside is light.In terms of taste, the taste is More neutral and delicate.

Yams are similar to white potatoes in terms of how they are cooked-there are so many exciting ways to enjoy them! Boil, roast, fry, beat. Check out my top 5 yam recipes below for inspiration.Some of the recipes can be found on the blog here, and some are exclusive to my cookbook Vegan nigeria kitchen..

Top 5 African yam recipes

1. Asaro | Yam porridge

Also called yam. A one-pot dish using yam, which is a blend of peppers and tomatoes. It’s a much more comfortable meal. Any kind of yam can be used, but it is highly recommended to choose Puna yam.

2. Boiled yam and vegan “egg” sauce

A popular breakfast option throughout Nigeria. Yam is boiled until soft and fluffy and served with scrambled eggs sauce. This creative vegan version uses scrambled eggs instead of eggs. Don’t hesitate to add lots of vegetables, and don’t forget to season your scrambles!

3. Pounding yam

Poundyam, also known as Iyan in Yoruba, is popular swallow In Nigeria. Boiled yam is beaten until it becomes a smooth and elastic dough. The traditional method of making yam uses a huge mortar and pestle, but these days it is done by a food processor or yam maker. If you want to save time and energy, you can even buy yam flour from stores in Africa. Please enjoy with delicious soup and stew. egusi Also efo riro..

4. Stopped

This fried yam snack is usually coated with a mixture of eggs, but you can use non-dairy milk to create a delicious vegan version and create a spicy batter that coats the yam pieces. Boil the yam first to ensure a soft, fluffy interior that complements the crispy coating.

5. Yam soup

This particular style, a variation of delicious pepper soup, is popular among Igbos and is often made for new mothers due to its nutritional and medicinal properties. Instead of procuring the individual spices used to make this dish, pepper soup mixes are now available online and over-the-counter.Don’t forget to add uziza seed When Utaji leaf Get a signature taste!

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