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Top 5 Vegan Wedding Cake and Dessert Suppliers in London

If you choose to have a cake or dessert spread at your wedding, the list below is for you. London-based vegan couples can be delighted with the range of complete vegan products available in the city. Here’s what everyone can enjoy, including traditional tiered cakes, healthy raw vegan cakes, more modern cupcake towers, and chic, minimalist stuff.

One of the best parts of a wedding plan is definitely to decide on a cake and enjoy a cake tasting. Get ready to be amazed by the plant-based options in this post. fun!

Cakes by dear friend bakery are just magic. With a delicate floral design and flavorful cake options, you won’t be disappointed on your big day. They can customize the cake according to your wishes and offer different tier levels and sizes. You can also arrange a cake tasting before deciding. Three flavors of your choice will be delivered to the door. Customer service is perfect and will be delivered directly to the venue on the day of the wedding so you can relax and unwind.See them Website For many.

Arapina is an award-winning healthy lifestyle bakery that is vegan, organic and offers clients without options. They can make bespoke wedding cakes for your occasion and deliver them to your venue that day. Besides cakes, you can also order vegan truffles, raw desserts, macaroons, tarts and cookies.See them Website For many.

Located in East London, this vegan bakery allows you to customize your wedding cake to your specifications. Their design is bold and beautiful. Simply fill out their online form with details of the cake type you are thinking of and members of their team will get in touch.See them Website For many.

Organic Liberty Specialists are custom-made vegan patisseries, offering 100% gluten-free organic creative cuisine (as the name implies). This is perfect for couples looking for a nice and healthy take of their wedding cake, as they shine when it comes to raw festive cakes. Their fresh tarts, macaroons and eclairs add a touch of class to the dessert table. The attention to detail and attention to high quality ingredients certainly make them impressive.See them Website For many.

This London bakery is perfect for couples looking for something a little unique on their wedding day. You can certainly order one of their round cakes, but Ruby’s also specializes in cupcake towers, donut towers, and bespoke dessert tables. The eye-catching and elegant design will surely surprise your guests.Their entry Online form To get started.

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