The Anatomy of a King Sidney Tuxedo

The other day, one of my tailors asked at a workshop. “Peter, why did you put so many details in the King Sydney Black Tie? Is it your personal taste or what your customers want? For my goodness, you’re in a single piece I have so many details! Clients are confident that they don’t know exactly how much detail a single King Sydney Tie has. “

I’m paraphrasing now. He didn’t say it exactly that way. The tailor is not known for its vivid English.

That said, he made me think. We have put a lot of fine detail into every King Sydney black tie. Details that escape you if you are not looking for them. And even if you’re looking for them, there are some that can escape you.

Today I thought I could go ahead and break down some of those details.

The next time you buy a King Sydney black tie for $ 400- $ 600, make sure there are no shortcuts.

It is essentially us who are responsible, so to speak.

So, without any further effort, here is the structure of the Premium King Sydney Black Tie in Nairobi, Kenya.

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