How Rihanna has Influenced it for Every Woman

I’m about to start writing this work.So I go to google (my number one research spot) and type “Maternity Fashion 2022” In the search box.

Guess additional keywords suggested by Google. I don’t care. See it below.

RihannaPregnancy and her outfit!

The impact of Bad Girl Lili on the 2022 maternity style is also evident in the visually impaired. Search engines are not excluded either.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Google pays attention every time a user searches for Rihanna’s baby bump outfit.

If I wrote this work a year or two ago, you know that Rihanna wouldn’t be the focus of the discussion.

Rihanna wearing a black see-through dress during pregnancy

But here we are learning from the fashion icons themselves.

So if you’re trying to be a mom and you’re looking for the best maternity wear that looks chic in the labor room (just kidding), you can find them on this page.

And they are inspired by Rihanna and all the other stylish pregnant women out there.

Maternity fashion made a big leap in 2022

Pregnant Rihanna Rocking Sheer Crop Top and Miniskirt

A few years ago, when I heard someone mention maternity wear, I envisioned loose dresses and tops. It’s oversized about that.

You won’t blame me. They were the type my mother wore during all her pregnancies. And even the other pregnant women around.

I can’t say the same thing today as trends are melting that image in my mind.

Thanks to Rihanna-like style icons, maternity style is moving in a new direction.

This music star and fashion mogul showed us the true meaning of fashionistas throughout her first pregnancy days. Every time she posed for the camera, we found that we should take a new style lesson.

Pregnant Rihanna rocking all black clothes

From pregnant crop tops to butt shorts and light dresses, you might wonder if she was the first pregnant woman.

The best part of all that is how she broke the norms of maternity fashion. Rihanna advises pregnant women not to wear it, but she proudly wears it.

She showed us that pregnant women can expose their bumps in public. It is no exaggeration to say that she paved the way for her, set trends, and encouraged other women to stop the conservativeness associated with pregnancy and adopt a bold style that breaks the ground.

It’s no wonder that top-notch publications like Vogue and Met Gala praised her for their features and statues, respectively.

Vogue Rihanna and her statue at this year's Met Gala

Don’t you think Rihanna’s praise is enough?

Let’s see how to step up your style even with baby bumps like Rihanna and other bold pregnant women.

10 chic maternity fashion outfits for pregnant women

Pregnant woman wearing dinner dress at the event

Is your baby’s bump starting to get attention? Why not dress up to make other women want to get pregnant and make your gaze more valuable?

Want to know how? Wear one of these:

1. Perfect clothes

Women wearing all white fit clothes during pregnancy

Don’t limit yourself to just loosening your clothes during pregnancy, as opposed to what someone must have told you.

Unless such clothes are your personal style and you feel very comfortable with them, also choose clothes that fit your body.

Rihanna Rocking Red Fit Short Dress

Even if you’re comfortable with loose clothing, occasionally get out of the comfort zone and rock your bodycon dress, jumpsuit, tight tops, and more. Helps to emphasize the baby’s bumps rather than hide them.

Pregnancy is not a shame that you should hide under a layer of clothing. Make your baby’s bumps the focus of attention. It’s a fashion statement in itself.

2. Midriff-Bearing Tops

Pregnant woman wearing a white crop top

If you liked crop tops before becoming a plus one, don’t stop when your belly begins to swell.

Rihanna preached this gospel throughout her pregnancy.

In fact, she filled the internet with pictures of flashing her baby bumps on our faces. And to be honest, it was (and still is) very nice to see.

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky wearing crop tops revealing baby bumps

Not because it’s Rihanna, but because it’s bold, edgy, bold … beyond the norm.

So, whether you’re a celebrity or not, wear a crop top during pregnancy. You don’t have to show the midriff completely, but you need to trim it enough to bring out the style.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the crop top during pregnancy, layer your shirt or jacket.

If you ask me, it’s even more stylish.

3. Maternity leggings

Woman wearing black maternity leggings

Leggings are elastic, comfortable and versatile. Pair with any top, loose or tight fit.

A smiling woman wearing maternity leggings

Maternity leggings also offer that comfort. This time, it is elastic to accommodate the changes in the body that accompany the development of the fetus. They also have a thick compression band to provide you with support when you do your daily activities.

Add this to your maternity wardrobe for a comfortable and stylish pregnancy.

4. Maternity jeans

Pregnant woman wearing maternity jeans and white top

It’s not a curse. However, some of your jeans no longer fit, as your belly increases its size to accommodate your child. For your safety, buy maternity jeans.

The reason is as follows.

Rihanna step pigs out with maternity jeans

Some have a fully elastic band on the tummy, while others scoop under the bumps. Others have extra room around the drawstrings, elastic panels, or elastic waist and tummy.

This helps to accommodate changes in the body from the first semester to the third semester.

5. Comfortable underwear

A woman wearing and eating mother's underwear on the bed

Maternity underwear is specially made to be elastic. They are designed to fit under or above the growing belly. If you can’t find it, wear regular comfortable panties as long as they are elastic and fit under your abdomen.

Ciara in maternity underwear

6. Bra top

As part of the changes to your body, your breasts will also grow in size. And one day you may not feel comfortable even in your regular bra.

In that case, wear a bra top or pallet.

Lady Locking Maternity Bra Top

They are elastic and do not come with wires. This means that there are no unwanted lines on your body from a tight bra.

It can also be used as a crop top in case you want to try Tip 2.

7. Light clothing

Woman wearing a light maternity gown

i know right.

You are not Rihanna. I don’t expect you to go around the town in a dress that shows everything you’re wearing underneath.

But do you not want to look hot for your baby’s dad?

Rihanna in a light maternity top

You can wear it and take pictures at home or even when you go swimming. You can also wear a thin top with a bare belly underneath.

It’s the perfect outfit for baby bump photography.

Pregnancy does not lose drips. You don’t have to go outboard like Lili. You can also lock light clothes sparingly.

8. Jumpsuit

Pregnant woman wearing green maternity jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are always stylish. And you can wear them wherever you like so that you exude style.

Woman wearing a red maternity jumpsuit

Wear a stretchy jumpsuit to accommodate your baby’s bumps. If possible, choose one with a zipper in front so that you can use the toilet without any inconvenience.

9. Palazzo pants

Pregnant Tiwa Savage in a suit on Maternity Palazzo

Yes Yes! This is a must for working class pregnant women.

Woman wearing maternity palazzo

Rock those hot pants with a cute shirt to work. To emphasize the bumps, push in the shirt to increase the effect.

You will see other women at work taking style lessons from you.

10. Loose clothes

Woman wearing a spacious maternity dress


Baggage clothes aren’t just comfortable. They are also super stylish. It all depends on how you style them. And that’s why we added them to this list.

Rihanna wearing sneakers and maximum maternity gowns at A $ AP Rocky's company

Imagine a loose maxi dress rocking with sneakers. Or rock your sweater, coat or jacket with cute butt shorts.

Do not drop loose clothing. Wear them, but style them like a true fashionista without going against your style.

Maternity Fashion: Just Do You

Pregnant woman wearing a white gown on the street

As I always advise, the only fashion rule you should follow is that there are no fashion rules. Therefore, do not consider these items as the ultimate maternity wear. Instead, stick to your personal style and wear the one that suits your taste.

Cold of pregnant women

If you like baggy clothes, wear them. If you like a snug fit, still wear it. As with your style, your comfort is paramount. So you are the only one.

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