(Video) South African Guzzler Dies After Downing Bottle of Jägermeister

A 23-year-old man won the R200 by drinking a whole bottle of Jaegermeister at Machamba Village as part of a tournament in Blue Corner Tavern near Elim, South Africa.

He collapsed shortly afterwards and was found dead at a local clinic. SAPS The young man said he was invited to a £ 9.90 bet (R200) ​​on Sunday night to see who could finish a bottle of 35% alcohol earliest.

The man managed to complete the bottle in less than two minutes, but was told he had succumbed to the drunkenness.

Now in the viral clip, you can see the victim being held by another man swaying from side to side as he cleans up the bottle.

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South African police said a tragic death investigation is currently underway. Brigadier General Motlafela Mojapelo, a police spokesperson, addressed the press today.

He states: ‘.

The winner who is able to consume the entire bottle of Jaegermeister within the specified time will receive R200 cash.

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