Child of Wonder’ Animated Series Greenlit at Cartoon Network

Iyanu: The child of wonder, a graphic novel by Nigerian creator Roy Okpe and illustrator Godwin Akpan, has a new look.

2D adaptation of the 2017 novel HBO Max With Cartoon Network and Lion Forge Animation.

Nigerian creator Roye Okupe

While the graphic novel is set in a magical version of Jorbaland, the series reveals the mystery behind her newly discovered superpower to save her people from the curse of their ancestors that threatens to destroy humanity. Followed by a teenage girl who must be.

Directed by two-time Emmy-winning Saxton Moore, Nigeria’s Anime Superhero Series parades through Nigeria’s rich culture, music and mythology.

Iyanu: Child Of Wonder is a magnificent superhero story about Nigeria’s rich history, folklore and mythology. Set in the magical Kingdom of Yorubaland, this series follows Iyanu, a teenage orphan girl. Iyanu longs for her normal life while learning the arts and culture of ancient Yoruba.

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