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12 Edible Vegan Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

You are planning a vegan wedding and are trying to give your guests an unforgettable treat.

Let’s face it-inedible gifts are cool, and relatively (because oblivion or yet another item doesn’t want to clutter their space) except that your guests may leave them behind. It is high. Most wedding planners will even say you don’t mind!

Wedding favors are a big part of Nigerian weddings. I don’t know how many plastic bowls, customized napkins, mugs and fans my family has accumulated over the years. Even in Nigerian kitchens, there are so many bowls and containers that can be collected before everything grows a little.

But edible favors are a great way to ensure that guests take them home (who can resist good food?) Or eat them on the spot. You can make your presentation very elaborate (if needed) or keep things simple and clean. Are you still convinced?

Get into 12 sweet and tasty vegan wedding favor ideas that will surely surprise your guests.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a typical food of love. Introduce your favorite vegan chocolate bar to your guests. It would be even better if you could surprise them with their unique taste. You can print a custom label to wrap the bar for a low cost yet personal touch.

If you don’t mind: MooFree Caramel Bar, LoveRaw Cream Wafer Harbor, Over Fair Trade Chocolate..

2. Hot sauce

Why don’t you make a homemade hot sauce by combining your favorite ingredients? Buy lots of low-priced glass jars, fill them and pop some customized labels on the front. Are you a fan of hot sauce? Go with another seasoning you like-barbecue sauce, green pesto, vegan mayonnaise and more.

If you don’t mind: Homemade ketchup recipe..

3. Mini dessert

Treat your guest as something fancy. Desserts such as minimal macaroons, tarts and cupcakes are always impressive. Vegan versions are easy to find these days and most bakeries are open to customizing them. But if you’re an avid bakery, why not get your friends together a few days before your wedding and have a bread-making session? Pop them into small dessert boxes and cupcake cases for their stylish touch.

If you don’t mind: Coconut cupcake, Chocolate oreo cupcake, Mango macaroons..

4. Spice jar

It’s one of my favorite items on this list and it’s a really unique way to pamper guests. Choose your favorite spice or create a special spice blend and put it in a cute jar or pouch to add your own label.

If you don’t mind: 5 Nigerian spices to enhance your cooking..

5. Take away the wedding cake

This is easy. If your wedding cake is big enough to feed all your guests, why not put the slices in a small cake box and give your guests a cake? This is especially effective if you have already served a dessert with your main meal. The wedding cake will be a great treat for later. For a special touch, tie the box with a wedding colored ribbon.

If you don’t mind: Pack of 50 cake boxes..

6. Cookies

A simple yet effective wedding souvenir idea. If you like to bake, organize a cookie baking party and let your friends and family round to help you customize them. Package them in a cellophane pouch and finish with a wedding-colored ribbon. Do you have time to bake? These can easily be outsourced to a local vegan bakery.

If you don’t mind: Mango thumbprint cookie, Gari cookie..

7. Signature drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

There is no doubt that drinks will flow on special occasions, so this specialty drink should stand out in the crowd. The beauty of making and bottling your own unique cocktail is that you can combine both you and your partner’s favorite flavors to create something truly unique. This is your chance to go wild-pomegranate, cucumber, rum and ginger? Why not! Bottle them into beautiful 30-50 ml glass bottles and add your own label.

If you don’t mind: Mini glass bottle with cork lid..

8. Tea

I attended the wedding a few years ago. There, guests were given a customized tea bag, which I thought was the cutest. Whether it’s loose-leaf tea in a small jar, pouch, or individual pouch, tea is a great favor idea. Bonus: Instead of tea, ground coffee beans work as well.

If you don’t mind: Organic herbal tea of ​​love..

9. Popcorn

Sweet, salty, or mixed-choose what you like! Popcorn will be a delicious wedding souvenir. You can choose a popcorn machine to pump out fresh popcorn for guests to take home at the end of the night, or present a small pack of popcorn with your favorite flavor.

If you don’t mind: Vegan butterscotch gourman popcorn..

10. Infused oil

Not only are these beautiful to look at, but this is a really extravagant wedding favor and requires little effort. If you want to make it yourself, choose a neutral oil such as sunflower oil or vegetable oil and inject your favorite herbs and spices. From bay leaves to sage, whole peppers and rosemary, the choices are endless. It also goes well with olive oil.

If you don’t mind: Gourmand Spice Company Infused Oil Collection..

11. Plantain chips

This is one of my favorite snacks here. These are sure to be hospitality, as you rarely meet souls who don’t love plantains. Nowadays, it’s easy to find individually packaged psyllium chips. You can choose to give it as a gift or repack it in a customized pouch. If you have family and friends who love cooking and are challenging, homemade psyllium chips are also an option-an additional bonus is that you can customize the flavors as much as you like.

If you don’t mind: Chika’s plantain chips, Homemade plantain chips..

12. Puff puff

Puff-puff is a popular Nigerian treat that resembles a small fried donut. Inject unique flavors (cardamom, rose water, lavender, almonds, etc.) into the batter, add a gourmet twist and put it in a small box or pouch. Your guest will definitely fall in love with this sweet treat.

If you don’t mind: Pumpkin spice puff puff..

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