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The Vegan Nigerian: 3 Creative Hibiscus Recipes

Shoeblackplant is a tropical plant with colorful red flowers and is often used for cooking and medicinal purposes. In Nigeria, flowers are an important component of Zobo, a very popular fruity and spicy punch. It is also used to make tea. Hibiscus is said to lower blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol and act as an effective antioxidant.

I love using hibiscus for cooking and am excited to explore many new and innovative recipes. Besides hibiscus tea and hibiscus punch, let’s take a look at three creative recipes with hibiscus tea.

1. Hibiscus fan

Ogi is a fermented corn porridge that you can taste all over Nigeria. Why not inject hibiscus into the next bowl of Ogi to add color and vibrancy? Add some bite-sized pineapples to explode the freshness.You can find the complete recipe here..

2. Hibiscus poached fruit

Poaching fresh fruit with hibiscus syrup is a genius idea. When the fruit has a crimson hue, it is not only aesthetically very pleasing, but also gives a beautiful floral and tart note. The fruits I recommend are apples, pears, pineapples, plums and peaches. In the recipe below, I made a freshly baked vegan cheesecake topped with hibiscus poached apple. Click here for the complete recipe and the complete poaching method for all kinds of fruits.

3. Hibiscus Meat

Yes, you read that right. A few years ago, hibiscus meat tacos videos were all the rage on social media. Did you know that hydrated Shoeblackplant flowers can be used as a meat substitute? That makes sense. The rehydrated flowers are structurally perfect and resemble shredded beef in terms of appearance and texture. The crunchy mauser will take whatever taste you combine with it, so you will need to cook the hibiscus in the sauce of your choice for maximum taste. Consider barbecue sauce and spicy tomato sauce. Look for recipes in future posts.

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