How to Wear this Style for a Gorgeous Look

If there’s an easy African hairstyle you like, it’s a Senegalese twist. This hairstyle is very easy to achieve. Rest assured that once you arrive at the salon and your hair stylist starts working, it can be completed in up to 1-2 hours.

How about uninstalling it?

You don’t have to make a twist to uninstall them as you would with other African blades.

You can loosen the twist by unwrapping each strand without using a comb.

And that’s not all about this hairstyle.

This is a perfect switch from a regular box blade or knotless blade.

Now that you’ve succeeded in convincing you that you’ve made a great choice to add a Senegalese twist, let’s get into the diet about this hairstyle. This post also contains a cute twist.

So get ready to feed your eyes, download them and show them to your hair stylist as well.

Why wear a Senegal twist?

Senegal Twist, also known as Rope Twist, is a protective hairstyle that can be achieved with or without hair extensions. It involves splitting the cut pieces of your hair into two strands and wrapping them tightly together.

It’s versatile because it can be attached with natural hair or you can choose from all types and colors of extensions such as attachments, baby wool, crochet and Brazilian wool. You can also lock chunky, thin, long, short, medium size and more.

You can also add curls or combine it with a box blade to enhance the effect.

A Senegalese twist is one attachment hairstyle that never goes out of date. You just need to expect more tweaks and variations that emphasize the beauty of this hairstyle.

How long will the twist in Senegal last?

Woman wearing a Senegalese blade with edge control

If your hair is relaxed, this hairstyle can last up to 6 or 8 weeks, depending on how you maintain it. If you are a naturalist, it can last that much longer (or less). it is up to you.

However, even if the twist is out of date, the twist will look better if you use the edge control to place the edges and perform other maintenance measures that you will learn immediately.

Is Senegal Twist Bad for Your Hair?

A long senegalese braid woman taking a selfie in the sun


A Senegalese twist is not bad for your hair. They are protective hairstyles for both natural and relaxed hair. Therefore, it protects the hair from harmful operations, damage, or harsh environmental factors.

However, if you are not careful, this hairstyle can damage your hair. How do you ask?

If the hair stylist tightens the twist too much, the twist can pull the hair off the scalp and lead to hair loss.

So the best way is to ask your hair stylist not to overtighten your scalp. You also need to avoid applying too much pressure when installing the twist.

How to care for Senegal Twist

The beauty of a smile wearing a short Senegalese braid

When wearing this attachment hairstyle, always remember to moisturize your scalp with one of the natural oils for hair growth. Be careful not to overdo this. That way, your scalp will not be stuffed with buildups that can clog your hair follicles.

And when you want to sleep, wear a satin hair bonnet or tie a silk scarf. Especially if the pillowcase is not silk, it will help keep the hair moist and straighten the twist.

Types of Senegal twist

Fairlady rocking Senegalese braids

Ready to decorate your hair with a cute rope twist? Choose from these styles.

1. Small twist

Woman with glasses wearing a small Senegalese twist

This style of rope twist is thin or small. It also takes time to install and loosen. However, hair stylists use a small portion of the extension and need to split the hair into smaller pieces, adding volume to the hair.

Woman wearing a red little Senegalese twist

In other news, if you wear a thin twist, your hair will look dense and full.

However, be aware that this type can pull the hair from the root.

2. Medium twist

Lady Locking White Senegal Twist Hairstyle

This type is twice as much as a small twist. Thus, they don’t take as much time to achieve a small twist.

Woman wearing a medium Senegalese twist

3. Thick Senegal twist

A fine woman wearing a thick Senegalese braid

The jumbo twist is cute. It requires less time compared to the types of Senegal twists mentioned above.

A woman wearing a large Senegalese braid \

In addition, the fact that they are chunky adds more detail to your hair.

4. Short twist

Pretty woman wearing a short Senegalese twist

These twists are not long. They may stop around your neck or be a little lower.

Woman wearing a very short Senegalese twist

6. Shoulder length twist

A smiling woman wearing a shoulder-length Senegalese twist

As the name implies, this type of twist stops just below or just below the shoulders. They are medium and can be of any size, thin, medium, or jumbo.

A twist in Senegal, a woman wearing shoulder height

5. Long twist

A woman wearing a long Senegalese braid and predicting a phone call

This type extends beyond the shoulders to the waist and hips. They consume more hair extensions, but they are attractive and worth the investment.

A smiling woman wearing a long red Senegalese twist

7. Crochet Senegal Twist

Woman wearing a brown quarter note Senegalese braid

Instead of using the attachment as your hair extension, you can go to a twisted crochet extension.

Crochet twists take much less time than other types of Senegal twists. One reason is that you don’t have to cut your hair or wrap each strand together.

Smile woman rocking quarter note senegal braid

Hair extension makers are already doing that. Simply braid your natural hair into cornrows and use crochet pins to attach the already twisted extensions to your hair.

8. Color twist

Pretty woman rocking gold senegal blade

If you don’t want to stick to the regular black hair extension, choose other colors such as red, blue, green, blonde, purple, maroon, gold, brown.

Woman wearing a red Senegalese twist

It all depends on your taste and style. For conservatives, choose mild colors.But if you don’t care about attention, choose one Bold colors Of your choice.

9. Natural Senegal Twist

A woman wearing a genuine natural Senegalese twist

This style does not require hair extensions. You only need your neat and well-prepared natural hair to achieve that.

A woman wearing a natural Senegalese twist

You can do this yourself, or you can go to the hair stylist to divide the hair into sections and wrap each strand tightly.

There are different types of Senegalese twists. But depending on how you style and manipulate them, you can always stay away from the crowd.

Woman wearing a small senegalese braid in updo style

If you don’t want the twist to the end, manipulate them updos, crown, doughnuts, or whatever you like. Also, don’t forget to add hair accessories such as gold cuffs, cypraea, beads, scrunchies, rubber bands and headbands.

Pretty woman wearing a long black senegalese braid

Aside from that, here are other Senegalese twisted hairstyles that will inspire you:

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