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Joined as a beauty and lifestyle expert CHCH Morning Live Discuss the release of a shopping guide for African fashion brands in Canada. The show was a huge success and aired on February 2nd at 8:50 am EST. In the meantime, I virtually joined via Skype. It was a great opportunity to talk with Annette Ham about the guide and what all Canadians should be aware of when buying clothing after this season. Free online resources list more than 25 brands across the country, encouraging people to diversify their clothing choices and encourage African-owned businesses.

CHCH Morning Live 1 African Fashion

With this feature, it was important to walk the story and see that part. I wore African brands from head to toe and was ready to talk about the quality of the clothes they offer. It lasted only a few minutes, but it was a fun and engaging experience. The amount of exposure you get from such a live show is enormous and we encourage everyone in the fashion industry to invest in a solid public relations strategy. Below are excerpts from my presentation on each of the following brands:

Syranis fashion

Sirani fashion – The first is a brand called Sirani’s Fashion. Taramad cross print coat. Now, the prints you can see here are very clear and are based on the original mud textiles from the country of Mali, Africa. Given the fact that Sirani’s fashion embraced this print and made it a trendy and versatile coat that is perfectly weather-friendly, I love the fact that it is a trendy and versatile coat!

Kejeo Designs – Kejeo Designs sells beautiful, structured, well-made and highly functional tote bags. It is colorful, features animal prints, and comes with beads. You can wear it on almost every occasion by styling it in a way that complements its overall look. As you can see, it’s quite large, so it’s the perfect size for rushing to a grocery store or carrying everyday items.


Fure – Finally, there is a brand called Ofure, which designs versatile works for the everyday queen. This is one of the bold statement earrings in bright orange red, but it’s also available in a variety of colors. When worn with a coat or tote bag, you’ll find that these earrings do a great job of providing that pop color and bringing the entire outfit together into a cohesive look.

As mentioned in the live interview, these brands are all Canadian. Some brands in the shopping guide work with artisans in the skilled African community, while others are locally produced in Canada to help stimulate the economy. I think of the incredible black creatives of African descent and the great work they are doing to keep the culture, craftsmanship and community alive through small businesses. It only shows how hard and witty these people really are. So they believe they deserve our support forever, not just in February’s Black History Month!

If you are keen and interested in African fashion, I fully recommend the above three brands. Their work is creative and of high quality and can compete in any market. that’s it! We hope you enjoyed this little summary of the live show. The segment was only a few minutes, but there was so much great content there.

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