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This post is a compilation of vegan-friendly Ghanaian soups that you can combine with your favorite swallows and grains. I will include them in this edit as I will provide more recipes.

Vegan napalm nut soup

Palm nut soup is one of my favorite soups. It’s rich, creamy and absolutely delicious, and goes great with fluffy rice balls and rice balls.

Click here for the palm nut soup recipe

Vegan peanut soup

Another crowd favorite. It was my first vegan friendly soup and by far the most popular soup.Can be paired with rice balls

Click here for the peanut soup recipe

Vegan okra stew

This soup is a very good representation of African ingredients and flavors.It’s usually paired with a bank (Ghana’s fermented corn swallow), but to be honest, it can be eaten with rice and other grains (not a popular option, but delicious).

Click here for okra stew recipe

Vegan Wrewre (melon seed soup)

This is a unique soup. Soups for special occasions, and flavorful ones. This stir-fried soup has a nutty aroma and brings out the flavor from the slightly sweet roasted melon seeds. You can enjoy it with your favorite ingredients such as Fufu and Kokonte.

Click on the wrewre soup recipe

Vegan one pot Ayoyo soup

This delicious soup is an easy way to make a northern Ghana style soup with jute mallow leaves. It is seasoned with ingredients that are common in Northern Ghanaian cuisine. This dish can be enjoyed with tuozaafi.

Click here for one-pot Ayoyo soup recipe

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