Hennessy Partners With Thriftsocial To Host Vans Day.

The world’s best cognacs, Hennessy and Thrift Social, are websites that encourage the discovery of creativity, music and fashion, and have collaborated to celebrate Vans Day in Nairobi on June 24, 2022.
The concert, which mixes music, fashion, art, culture and talent, attracted music and cognac fans at Winning Post.

Kenyan DJs such as Kaneda, Jo Kisila, Chelsea Vancarter and Maloza, as well as South African DJ Uncle Waffles, provided inspiring performances to the audience.

Alexandre Helaine, East Africa Market Manager at Mott Hennessy, commented in his speech: This alliance aims to develop a platform for young and established artists and creatives to explore their talents while increasing their creativity. “

The collaboration between Hennessy and Thrift Social provides space for innovation and research in art, music and fashion.

Through programs like Thriftsocial, Helaine went on to say, “We continue to believe in what they are doing, support those who are enthusiastic about it, and advocate for music culture.” rice field.

Hennessy sends invitations to Neverstop Neversetl to encourage artists, fashion lovers, and pioneering individuals to showcase their skills and ideas.

About Hennessy
Cognac leader Maison Hennessy has been shining with its outstanding know-how around the world for over 250 years. According to the conquest spirit of creator Richard Hennessy, the brand exists in more than 130 countries.
Hennessy is the center of the Charente economy, with its headquarters in the heart of the state.
House success and longevity are based on the quality of cognac, which is the result of a unique process of knowledge transfer from generation to generation.
Hennessy, the first ISO 14001 certified spirits house, brings together the potential for innovation and the support of all our partners to maintain this unique environment.

Content provided by: African Elite Group Ltd, Hennessy, Thrift Social, and NFH

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