Grass-Fields African Fashion is Closing Down — Find Out Why

Yes it’s true. Grass field, Mega African fashion brands are closed and it’s not obvious why you were expecting. The shocking news is that Michele, one of the founder’s twin sisters, has fought a serious illness in silence. The current medical condition and health condition are unknown. However, it seems that it has reached the limit justifying the closure of the company. This is a heartfelt Instagram statement released two days ago by another twin sister, Christelle.

“The store will be closed.

Closing the grassland is immense sadness and pain. For the past three years, my twin sister Michelle has quietly fought a long illness, and we have finally reached the limit. Countless surgeries and brutal medicines may not have been enough to get my sister back to her life. I am now facing the harsh potential that my twins, my soulmates, and the people I have fought throughout this life may not be here anymore. For me as well as for her children who may not be able to spend birthdays and Christmas with her mother, and for my husband who may have to say goodbye to her wife My heart breaks.

We have both fought for a long time, but we can no longer balance Michele’s health with all the uncertainties in between and the stress of running a business. I don’t really know where to go from here, and I don’t know the future of Grassfield, but it’s clear that we need to take a step and take a break to figure out how we can navigate this undecided time.

Michele and I thank you for your support over the last nine years. May I pray for her sister and me tonight. Thank you very much. “

– Christelle Nganhou

The announcement of social media and email that the Grassfields African fashion brand will be closed has led to a flood of prayers and wishes from both customers and followers. Many of them appear to be completely broken hearts. that’s right! Although the brand is based in the UK, their follow-up spans many countries around the world and did not hesitate to flood the comments section of the Instagram page with deep sympathy.

Comments from top influencer Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina Africa fashion brand in Grassfields closes
Indeed, the current priority seems to be to move away from the African fashion business in order to fully navigate the changes that are taking place. Love and support from customers and followers came across another message on a social media post from Christelle.

“Thank you very much to Michelle. The overflow of love and support we received from the closing announcement really impressed us both. We are overwhelmed by your message and prayer and we are you. I hope I can personalize each and every one of you. Michele and I are reading your words and am amazed at your kindness.

We came from nothing at all and couldn’t even imagine in our wildest dreams how much love we received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Everything has been reduced to mark the end of the grass field. To conclude the closing of business, we will continue to operate for the next week.

It was wonderful to realize this unimaginable dream with you. Keep us in your prayer. “

– Christelle Nganhou

Agreeing with this news is very devastating to many, but in reality it is likely that Grass-Fields African fashion brands will be closed permanently rather than temporarily. Still, the news is so fresh that it’s too early to come to a conclusion. According to them, “Grass-fields were created with the goal of creating clothes that give you confidence.” They offer fashion items that make women feel food and can be worn both inside and outside the season. I wanted to provide a shopping experience to do. The clothes are mainly procured in Africa and made in different styles and sizes.Now everything above Grassfield website It has been marked down and is on sale.

The reality remains and everything seems to be highlighted regarding the future of the brand. Perhaps the company will be bought by an investor, or Christelle will eventually be able to run herself with the help of her family. All of this is the possibility of leaving us unanswered. It’s always hard to see a great black-owned business going on, but perhaps some future intervention that will help keep Michele healthy, thereby keeping a business venture and ultimately a glass. You can catch up with the big expectations that there will be-the field is alive.

Update: March 2022 – Grassfield is back in operation! Hi!

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