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Edward-Saidi Tingatinga

Edward Saidy Tingatinga, (1932-1972) b Tanzania

The founder of the painting style with his name as the title.

Edward Saidy Tingatinga “Leopard”

Edward Saidy Tingatinga Born in a remote village called Gapa on the Mozambique border in southern Tanzania. His mother is a Makua and his father is from an Islamic tribe called Ndonde. All these factors are important in adding to the success of men who lived an early rural pastoral life without formal school education.

Arriving in Dar es Salaam in 1955, he began working as a gardener with British colonialists. His mother’s family worked for embassies and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Between the two, he was exposed to a house painter who used maisonite boards and commercial paints, and then an agency that saw his talent and promoted him … and after his death he was exposed to his work. I did.

After the independence of his country, he was encouraged to see Zaire artists selling their works to foreign tourists along the roadside. He started his own studio and worked with the maisonite boards and commercial paints he began to make.

His images were taken from everything he saw around him, including birds, animals, landscapes, and village life. In a simple but striking way, he placed the elements of his composition without perspective. Using an exaggeration of shapes and patterns, he emphasized certain attributes of his subject. This naive and fresh approach has attracted and struck a chord with viewers.

HA genetic heritage, all his exposure to murals by villagers in his tribal hut is essentially an artist who seizes the opportunity to find and create important works for all of us to enjoy. Was added. Being unsophisticated is affectionate, and his work has an indisputable appeal.

In 1971, the National Arts Council show exhibited his work at the International Trade Fair stand. His work was beginning to attract attention not only in Dar es Salaam, but far away.

I had two jobs as a nurse and an artist, and my time was precious. More than he knew. In a random shooting one night in 1972, he was killed by a stray bullet fired in an incident that should never happen. His life and his short painting career are over.

But his legacy was not. His students and others continue to paint in the Tingatinga style and are enjoyed and recognized by both visitors and collectors around the world.

Tingatinga Painting School in Tanzania

Today, there are many commercial artists who paint in similar styles for the tourism trade in Tanzania, but there are also many talented painters who follow the genre but have established their own strengths.

Influential artists from early school are:

  • Oumari Ammond
  • Mohammed Charinda
  • Maurus Malikita
  • Hashim Murta
  • Damian Musagra
  • David Musgno
  • George Mupata
  • Peter Martin

The first Tingatinga exhibition abroad was held in 1974 at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

In 2010, another exhibition was held
thorupART Collaboration with
Art Association Kaye Bay This is a retrospective exhibition of Edward Saidy Tingatinga’s original works, featuring new works from the school, mainly canvas works.

** The artists who contributed to the 2010 exhibition are:

  • Abdala
  • Akirimari
  • Oumari Ammond
  • Mohamed Charinda
  • Hasani
  • Iddi
  • Jonas
  • Cambili
  • Kiraka
  • Lewis
  • Mubuka
  • Mukunba
  • Rashidi Musguno
  • O’Malley Ally
  • Rubuni
  • Sidi O’Malley
  • Sayuki
  • Surname
  • Zuberi

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